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Windows Tutorials This book is a collection of notes and sample codes written by the author while he was learning and using Microsoft Windows systems. Topics include: Windows Explorer; Internet Explorer; Graphics Basic Concepts; Converting GIF to JPEG; Installing and using GIMP; WinZip - ZIP Compression Tool; Setting Password in ZIP Files; WinRAR - RAR Compression Tool; FTP Server and Client; Downloading Files; Spyware; HijackThis; Removing Vundo, Puper, VSAdd-in; IE Addons - IE Toolbar; Crossover Cable Network; DSL Modem and Home Network; Managing Tasks, Processes, Startup Programs, System Services. Updated in 2021 (Version v5.62) with minor changes.

Table of Contents

About This Book

Introduction to Microsoft Windows

What Is Microsoft Windows

Top Features of Windows 10

Top Features of Windows 7

End User Components of Microsoft Windows

Introduction to Windows Explorer

What Is Windows Explorer

Viewing File Properties

Turning On/Off File Preview Pane

Options of File Listing in a Folder

Always Show Icons, Never Thumbnails

Best Settings of Folder Options

Applying Folder Options to All Folders

Introduction to Internet Explorer

What Is Internet Explorer (IE)

Installing Internet Explorer (IE) 10

Deleting Browsing History in IE 10

Settings on Browsing History in IE 10

InPrivate Browsing Mode IE 10

Enabling Tracking Protection Personalized List

Examples of "Tracking Contents"

ActiveX Filtering - Controlling ActiveX Controls

ActiveX Filtering - Controlling ActiveX on Adobe Flash

ActiveX Filtering - Controlling ActiveX on Silverlight

Enabling Pop-up Blocker

Disabling SmartScreen Filter

"Paint" Program and Computer Graphics

Introduction to "Paint" - The Simplest Graphics Tool

Dots, Pixels, Colors and Resolution

Reducing the Size of a Picture File

Converting File Format from GIF to JPG/JPEG

GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program

Introduction to GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

Downloading and Installing GIMP 2.6.3

Main Window, Toolbox, and Layers/Channels

Red Gradient Spiral - My First GIMP Image

JPEG Image File Format Quality and Size

Saving Images in JPG/JPEG Format

Saving Images in BMP (Windows Bitmap) Format

Comparing File Sizes of Image File Formats

Comparing JPEG High Quality Levels

Comparing JPEG Low Quality Levels

GIF Image File Format and Transparent Background

Saving Images in GIF Format

Adding Chinese Text

Creating Images with Transparent Background

Web Page with Transparent GIF Image

"WinZip" - ZIP File Compression Tool

What Is "WinZip"

Downloading and Installing WinZip 10.0

Stopping WinZip Wizard Window

Adding Files to a New ZIP File

Adding Directories to a New ZIP File

Extracting All Files from a ZIP File

Setting Passwords in ZIP Files

Creating a ZIP File on Multiple Diskettes

Setting Windows Explorer Context Menu

"WinRAR" - RAR and ZIP File Compression Tool

What Is WinRAR

Downloading and Installing WinRAR 3.42

Adding Files to a New RAR File

Extracting All Files from a RAR File

Setting Passwords in RAR Files

Creating Multi-Volume RAR Files

Setting Windows Explorer Context Menu

Compressing Files with ZIP Format

Running WinRAR in a Command Line Window

FTP Server, Client and Commands

Setting Up FTP Server with IIS

FTP Command Line Client Program

Downloading Files with FTP Commands

Checking FTP Server Log File

Uploading Files to FTP Servers

"FileZilla" - Free FTP Client and Server

What Is FileZilla

Downloading and Installing FileZilla 3.1.5

Setting Up New Connection Sites

Downloading Files from an Anonymous FTP Server

Web Server Log Files and Analysis Tool - "Analog"

Web Server Log File Samples - IIS and Apache

Installing "Analog" - Web Log File Analysis Tool

Configuring "Analog" to Process Log Files

Processing Apache Log Files with "Analog"

Spyware Adware Detection and Removal

What Is Spyware

"HijackThis" - Spyware and Browser Hijacker Detector

"HijackThis" Report Entry Types

Spyware: WebBar - htwtb.bin and bar.dll

Spyware: SurfBuddy - sbuddy.dll

Spyware: WebSpecials - webspec.dll

Spyware: DSSAgent - DSSAgent.exe

Transponder: Best Offer - farmmext.exe

Spyware: dinst.exe - dsr.dll

IE Addon Program Listing and Removal

What Is an IE Addon

Removing IE Search Provider Addons

Disabling IE Addon "Google Toolbar"

Removing IE Addon "Google Toolbar"

Disabling IE Addon "Yahoo! Toolbar"

Removing IE Addon "Yahoo! Toolbar"

Disabling IE Addon "Bing Toolbar"

Removing IE Addon "Bing Toolbar"

Removing IE Addon "PDF Link Helper"

Removing IE Addon "Skype Browser Helper"

Removing IE Addon "Lync Browser Helper"

Removing IE Addon "Java Plug in SSV Helper"

Removing IE Addon "Windows Live ID Sign-in Helper"

Removing IE Addon "Shockwave Flash Object"

Removing IE Addon "Groove GFS Browser Helper"

Removing IE Addon "Office Document Cache Handler"

Vundo (VirtuMonde/VirtuMundo) - vtsts.dll Removal

What Is Trojan Vundo

Partial Removal of Trojan Vundo

Detecting Trojan Vundo with McAfee VirusScan

McAfee VirusScan and

Instructions on Full Removal of Trojan Vundo

Removing xxxxxxxx.dll Files Generated by Vundo

What Is Vundo Related vtsts.dll

Finding and Removing vtsts.dll Manually

Removing Trojan Vundo with FixVundo.exe from Symantec

Removing Trojan Vundo with VundoFix.exe from

Trojan and Malware "Puper" Description and Removal

What Is Trojan Puper

Trojan and Malware "Puper" Removal

VSToolbar (VSAdd-in.dll) - Description and Removal

What Is VSToolbar (VSAdd-in.dll)

Removing VSToolbar (VSAdd-in.dll)

Spybot - Spyware Blocker, Detection and Removal

Downloading and Installing Spybot 1.4

On-Demand Scanning of SpyWare Infections

What Is AdRevolver Tracking Cookie

Removing Reported Tracking Cookies

Deleting Cookies Stored in Firefox

Deleting Cookies Stored in IE

Deleting MyWay MySearch Registry Key

Enabling IE Browser Helper SDHelper.dll

Setting Up and Using Crossover Cable Network

What Is a Crossover Cable Network

Configuring Crossover Cable Network

Using FTP Server to Transfer Files

Assigning Host Names on a Network

Sharing Files with Windows Explorer

Home Network Gateway - DSL Modem/Wireless Router

Wireless DSL Modem Gateway - Connection View

Wireless DSL Modem Gateway - Network View

DSL Modem Connection and DSL Filters

Connecting a Computer to the DSL Modem with a Cable

Home Network Modem Gateway Configuration

DSL Modem Internet Connection Details

Home Network Configuration Summary

Home Network Wireless Connection Settings

Windows Task Manager - The System Performance Tool

What Is Windows Task Manger

Starting Windows Task Manger and Using Applications Tab

Using the Processes Tab

Ending a Running Process

Using the Performance Tab

"tasklist" Command Line Tool to List Process Information

What Is "tasklist"

Listing All Running Processes

Showing Detailed Information on Processes

Showing Services under Each Process

Showing All DLL Files Used by Each Process

Finding All Processes Using NETAPI32.DLL

"msconfig" - System Configuration Tool

What Is "msconfig"

System Startup Selections - Normal and Diagnostic Startups

Managing System Startup File - SYSTEM.INI

Managing System Startup File - WIN.INI

Managing System Startup File - BOOT.INI

Enable/Disable Services with "msconfig.exe"

Enable/Disable Startup Programs with "msconfig.exe"

Configuring and Managing System Services

What Are Windows Services and Related Programs

The Life Cycle of A Service - "Google Updater"

Installed Services in System Registry

"sc.exe" - A Command Line Tool to Manage Services

"sc.exe query type= driver" - All Device Driver Services

"sc.exe query type= service" - All Application Program Services

"sc.exe query/start/stop" - Query, Start or Stop Services

"sc.exe create/delete" - Create or Delete Services

"services.msc" - Program Services Console

"services.msc" - Stoping and Starting Services

"services.msc" - Disabling Services

"Task Manger" - Ending a Service Process

Windows Registry Key and Value Management Tools

What Is Windows Registry

Registry Hives - HKCR, HKCU, HKLM, HKU, HKCC, and HKPD

Registry Supporting Files - Registry Backups

What Is the Registry Editor - "regedit.exe"

"regedit.exe" - Finding Registry Keys for FreeCell

"regedit.exe" - Viewing Registry Values

"regedit.exe" - Changing Registry Values

"regedit.exe" - Exporting Registry Keys

"regedit.exe" - Importing Registry Keys

Command Line Console Registry Tool - "reg.exe"

"reg.exe" - Query Registry Keys and Values

Startup Programs Removal for Better System Performance

System Extremely Slow - Bad Startup Programs

Getting a List of Startup Programs Using HijackThis

Startup Program Configuration - System Registry

Startup Program Configuration - User Startup Folder

Removing ApacheMonitor.exe as a Startup Program

Removing BaiduX.exe as a Startup Program

Removing OpenOffice quickstart.exe as a Startup Program

Removing Microsoft Office OSA9.exe as a Startup Program

Removing GoogleUpdater.exe as a Startup Program

Removing NetZero exec.exe as a Startup Program

Removing YahooMessenger.exe as a Startup Program

Removing GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe as a Startup Program

Removing Java Update jusched.exe as a Startup Program

Winsock - Windows Sockets API

What is Winsock (Windows Socket) API

Winsock 2 API Architecture

Winsock 2 SPI and LSP Layers

mswsock.dll - Microsoft Windows Sockets 2.0 Service Provider

"netsh winsock show catalog" - Showing Winsock 2 LSP

Winsock 2 LSP and Spyware Trojans

rundlll.dll - Winsock 2 LSP Spyware Trojan

Winsock 2 LSP Stack Registry Corruption

LSP-Fix - LSP Stack Repair Tool

Java on Windows

What Is Java, JVM, JRE and JDK

Managing JVM and JDK

Removing "Java Update - jusched.exe"

Glossary of Terms

Outdated Tutorials

Outdated: "HijackThis" - Spyware and Browser Hijacker Detector

Outdated: Removing deSrcAs.dll - MyWay Search Assistant

Outdated: Removing Google Desktop Icon - GoogleDesktop.exe

Outdated: Removing IE Default Search Settings

Outdated: Removing IE Addon "winfixer"

Outdated: Removing Yahoo! IE Services Button - yiesrvc.dll

Outdated: Removing MySearch Toolbar - S4BAR.DLL

Outdated: Removing NetZero Toolbar - Toolbar.dll

Outdated: Removing Windows Messenger Extra Button


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