Creating a ZIP File on Multiple Diskettes

This section provides a tutorial example on how to create a large ZIP file on multiple diskettes.

WinZip also allows you to create a ZIP on diskette. If the ZIP file is larger than a single diskette, it will span onto multiple diskettes. Creating ZIP files on diskettes are useful if you have computers that are not connected, and want to moves files through diskettes.

Suppose that I have a sample music file, my_music.mp3. Its file size is 4713 KB. Here are the steps to compress it onto multiple diskettes:

0. Insert a formatted blank diskette into the computer.

1. Run WinZip and select menu File > New Archive. The "New Archive" dialog box shows up.

2. Enter a:\ as the file name for the new ZIP file.

3. Click the OK button. The "Add" dialog box shows up.

4. Make sure that "Multiple disk spanning" is selected.

5. Select the music file, my_music.pm3 and click the "Add" button.

6. WinZip will start to write the ZIP file to the first diskette.

7. When the first diskette is full, it will prompt you to insert the second diskette.

8. WinZip will continue to write the ZIP file on 4 diskettes. You should write down the numbers on the diskettes and keep them together as a set.

9. Exit WinZip.

When you need to restore the music file to another computer, you need to follow these steps:

0. Insert the first diskette into the computer.

1. Run WinZIP and select menu File > Open Archive. The "Open Archive" dialog box shows up.

2. Select the ZIP file, a:\, and click the OK button. The ZIP file will be opened inside WinZip window.

3. Select menu Actions > Extract. The Extract dialog box shows up.

4. Select a directory where you want the files to be extracted to, for example c:\temp.

5. Click the Extract button. WinZIP will start to read the ZIP file from the first diskette.

6. When the first diskette is done, it will ask for the second diskette.

7. WinZip will continue to read the entire ZIP file from all 4 diskettes.

8. Exit WinZip.

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