Removing Trojan Vundo with FixVundo.exe from Symantec

This section provides a tutorial example of how to remove trojan Vundo with FixVundo.exe from Symantec.

As I mentioned in my previous tutorial, my first choice was to use the tool and instruction provided by Symantec at:

1. Downloaded FixVundo.exe from

11/04/2006  08:51 AM           166,064 FixVundo.exe
File properties: 
   File version:
   Copyright: Copyright(C) 2004 Symantec Corporation

2. Closed all applications and disconnect from the Internet.

3. Disabled Windows System Restore function to avoid Trojan Vundo hiding in the restore area:

Click Start >> My Computer
Right-mouse click and select Properties. Properties dialog box displays.
Click System Restore tab
Check "Turn of System Restore" checkbox
Click Apply

4. Ran FixVundo.exe and clicked the Start button. It started to scan the entire hard disk. This took about 20 minutes. Surprisingly, FixVundo reported no Vundo infections.

But when I looked at the log file, FixVundo.log, I saw this:

Symantec Trojan.Vundo Removal Tool 1.5.0

The process "explorer.exe" contained a viral thread (00000444). 
   The thread was terminated.

The process "explorer.exe" contained a viral thread (00000450). 
   The thread was terminated.

Trojan.Vundo has not been found on your computer.

Conclusion: The latest version of FixVundo 1.5.0 from Symantec was not able to detect the Trojan Vundo files. But it did find some issues in the running explorer.exe process.

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