Disabling IE Addon "Yahoo! Toolbar"

This section provides a tutorial example on how to disable 'Yahoo! Toolbar' in IE (Internet Explorer).

"Yahoo! Toolbar" seems to be a nice IE addon. It gives you quick access to: Yahoo! Search, Facebook, Yahoo! Email, Local Weather, and other Web tools.

However, "Yahoo! Toolbar" does take away space from your browser window to make a "bar" to displays icons for you to invoke its functions.

It is also consuming CPU and memory of your computer.

Here is what I did to remove Google Toolbar in IE 10:

1. Click menu: Tools > Manage add-ons. You see the Manage Add-ons dialog box showing up.

2. Locate and click "Yahoo! Toolbar" in the addon list. Then click the "Disable" button. You see the "Disable add-on" dialog box showing.

3. Make sure "Yahoo! Toolbar Helper" is checked in the "Related add-ons that will also be disabled" list. Then click the "Disable" button in the dialog box to confirm.

4. Close the "Manage Add-ons" dialog box and restart IE. You see IE showing up without Yahoo! Toolbar.

The picture below shows you how Yahoo! Toolbar looks like in IE 10:

IE Addon - Yahoo! Toolbar
IE Addon - Yahoo! Toolbar

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