"regedit.exe" - Exporting Registry Keys

This section provides a tutorial example on how to export registry keys to registry backup files.

Changing registry values seems to be easy. But it could cause problems if you make a mistake on an important registry value. One good advice to save yourself in case of editing mistakes is to export the registry key to a backup file before change it. If you make a mistake after that, you can import the registry key back from the backup file.

1. Start "regedit.exe".

2. Follow the registry key tree and locate the first FreeCell registry key:


3. Click on the registry key FreeCell to make it as the selected key.

4. Click the menu "File > Export". The Export Registry File dialog box shows up.

5. Select directory c:\herong, and enter "FreeCell.reg" as the backup file as shown in the picture below:

Exporting Registry Key: FreeCell
Exporting Registry Key: FreeCell

6. Click OK to save a copy of all registry values under "FreeCell" to the backup file c:\herong\FreeCell.reg.

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