DSL Modem Connection and DSL Filters

This section provides a tutorial example of how to connect a DSL modem to a phone jack, and how to add DSK filters to telephone cables for regular phone devices.

Base on the connection picture mentioned in the previous section, the first thing is to get the DSL modem connected correctly. After reading the DSL connection manual provided by the telephone company, we did the following tasks:

1. Calling the telephone company to make sure that the DSL function has been activated on the phone line.

2. Adding a DSL filter to each phone jack that used by a regular phone line device like a telephone set, a phone message recording machine, or a fax machine.

3. Plugging in one end of a phone cable into the phone port (labeled as PHONE LINE) of the DSL modem.

4. Plugging in the other end of the phone cable to a phone jack directly without any DSL filter.

5. Connecting the power supply to the DSL modem.

6. Watching lights on the front panel of the DSL modem. The POWER light and the DSL light should be lit in solid green.

At this moment, the DSL modem was working and the PPP network is ready.

If the DSL light is flashing, or in other color, the DSL modem failed to work with these possibilities:

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