Configuring "Analog" to Process Log Files

This section provides a tutorial example on how to configure 'Analog' to process Web server log files.

With "analog" installed, now I need to run it against my log files. My Web site is hosted by an ISP. They put log records one file per week. The log files are zipped with gzip tool. The following is my experience of configuring "analog" to run on log files.

1. Reading "analog" documentation at c:\local\analog\docs\indx.html.

2. Setting up and running "analog" to run in my log directory:

>edit c:\local\analog\analog.cfg
   LOGFILE c:\local\logs\logfile.log
   OUTFILE c:\local\logs\report.html

>mkdir c:\local\logs
>cd c:\local\logs
>copy c:\local\analog\logfile.log .
>mkdir .\images
>copy c:\local\analog\images\*.* .\images

   (no errors)

    2,635 code.png
    3,141 dir.png
    8,470 logfile.log
    3,633 org.png
    2,466 os.png
    4,519 ref.png
   24,109 report.html
    3,905 req.png
    2,732 size.png
    3,060 type.png

Notice that in this step, I changed the configuration file, analog.cfg, to specify where my log file is, and where the out file should be stored.

Notice that also "analog" not only generates the report file, report.html, it also generate a number of *.png files. I guess those *.png files are used to store statistic data that can be added to future log files.

"report.html" is ready for viewing by IE.

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