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Bitcoin Tutorials This book is a collection of tutorial examples on Bitcoin and blockchain. Topics include Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Merkle Tree, Mining, SHA256, Wallet. Key sections include: What is Bitcoin, What is blockchain, Bitcoin market value, Browsing Bitcoin data blocks on, Browsing Bitcoin transaction data, Bitcoin wallet types: Full-Node, SPV, Client-Server, Bitcoin Consensus Rules: Controlled supply, Block mining reward, Proof of work, Installing Bitcoin Core server, Synchronizing with network, Using Bitcoin console and commands, Creating Bitcoin wallet, Receiving Bitcoin funds, Using Bitcoin test network - testnet, Building transaction Merkle Tree, Calculating Merkle Root hash, Calculating Bitcoin block hash, Performing Double-SHA256 hash in Python and Java, Using Little-endian and Big-endian Hex notations, Bitcoin block and transaction data structure, Bitcoin blockchain API, Copay Wallet. Updated in 2022 (Version v1.06) with minor updates.

Table of Contents

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Introduction of Bitcoin

What Is Bitcoin

Who controls the Bitcoin Network

Bitcoin Market Price Value

Bitcoin Units

List of Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Blockchain

What Is Bitcoin Blockchain - Bitcoin Blockchain Explorer - View Old Block - View Transaction - View Address

Bitcoin Wallet

What Is Bitcoin Wallet

Functionalities of Bitcoin Wallet

Data Architectures of Bitcoin Wallet

Which Wallet Is Better for Me

Install Bitcoin Core for Windows

Run Bitcoin Core for Windows

Bitcoin Core Download Blockchain

Bitcoin Core Data File Location

Uninstall Bitcoin Core for Windows

Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin Core Programs

Bitcoin Core Daemon

Bitcoin Core CLI

Bitcoin Core CLI Commands

Access Bitcoin Test Network "-testnet"

bitcoin-cli Network Commands

"bitcoin-cli getclock" Command

bitcoin-cli Transaction Commands

bitcoin-cli Wallet Commands

"bitcoin-cli encryptwallet" - Set Wallet Password

"bitcoin-cli walletpassphrase" - Unlock Wallet

"bitcoin-cli backupwallet" - Backup Wallet

Bitcoin Transaction

What Is Bitcoin Transaction

Receive Test Bitcoin from

View Transaction on

Receive Bitcoin in My Test Wallet

View Bitcoin in My Test Wallet

Bitcoin-Qt New Incoming Transaction Alert

"bitcoin-cli sendtoaddress" - Send Bitcoin

Confirm Outgoing Transaction

Trace Back Bitcoin Transaction Outputs

Bitcoin-Qt - Bitcoin Core GUI

Bitcoin-Qt - Command Options

"bitcoin-qt.exe -testnet" - Bitcoin Test Network

bitcoin-qt - Wallet and Receiving Addresses

bitcoin-qt - Debug Window

bitcoin-qt - Debug Window Console

bitcoin-qt.exe Removed as PUA:Win32/CoinMiner

Bitcoin Mining

What Is Bitcoin Mining

Computation Effort of Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining Machine - "Miner"

Bitcoin Mining Farm

Bitcoin Mining Pool

Is Bitcoin Mining Profitable

Bitcoin Consensus Rules

What Are Bitcoin Consensus Rules

Controlled Supply Rule - Total of 21M BTC

Mining Reward Rule - Start with 50 BTC

Proof of Work Rule - Find a Small Hash Value

Bitcoin Block Data Structure

Data Components of Bitcoin Block

Data Properties of Bitcoin Block

Merkle Root of Bitcoin Block

Calculate Double-SHA256 Hash with Python

Verify Merkle Root of 2 Transactions

Verify Merkle Root of 7 Transactions

Data Structure of Bitcoin Block

"getblock blockhash 0" - Serialized Hex Block Data

Block Hash Calculation Algorithm

Block Hash Calculation in Python

Calculate Double-SHA256 Hash with Java

Bitcoin Transaction Data Structure

Data Properties of Bitcoin Transaction

Data Structure of Bitcoin Raw Transaction Format

Decode Bitcoin Raw Transaction Format

Data Structure of Coinbase Transaction

Calculate Transaction ID

Bitcoin Blockchain APIs

Introduction of API API - Get Block Data API - Get Transaction Data API - Get Address Data

Introduction of API

Introduction of API

Copay - Bitcoin Wallet

What Is Bitcoin Wallet, Copay

Download and Install Copay on Windows

Create First Wallet with Copay

Copay Wallet on Bitcoin Test Network

Get Test Bitcoins to My Copay Wallet

Create Copay Wallet Backup

Export Copay Wallet to File

Copay Wallet Data Size

Create Bitcoin Payment QR Code

Archived Tutorials

Archived: - Bitcoin Block Explorer

Archived: - View Old Block

Archived: - View Transaction

Archived: - View Address

Archived: API - Get Block Data

Archived: API - Get Transaction Data

Archived: API - Get Address Data


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