Create Bitcoin Payment QR Code

This section describes how to create Bitcoin payment QR code.

After enough testing with the Bitcoin test network, I am ready to create Bitcoin receiving address and a payment QR code.

Run Copay and click "Receive" near the bottom. You see receiving address: 1BrsCT6EfuiAik1AneQEEK1hs9vuEoUE4e.

You also see QR code representing this address. You can give this address or QR code to anyone who needs to pay you Bitcoins. But amount is specified.

If you want to encode an specific amount in the QR code, you can click "Request Specific amount".

Enter 0.001 BTC and click next (the arrow icon). You see a new QR code, which contains the receiving address and 0.001 BTC payment amount.

Below is the picture on how to create Bitcoin payment QR code.

 Bitcoin Payment QR Code
Bitcoin Payment QR Code

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Create Bitcoin Payment QR Code

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