Create Copay Wallet Backup

This section describes how to create Copay wallet backup.

Now I have some Bitcoins in my Copay wallet, it's better to take a backup of the wallet.

Run Copay and click the "Settings" icon near the bottom.

Scroll down and click "Test Bitcoin Wallet" to see wallet related options.

Click "Backup" option. You will get some warning messages.

Skip warning messages. You will be given a backup recovery phrase.

Write down the recovery phrase and keep it in a safe place. This allows you restore your Copay wallet later.

Copay wallet backup is actually stored remotely on the Copay server. This actually allows me to transfer wallet my Windows computer to my iPhone, since I have Copay installed on both devices.

Below is the picture on how to create a backup for the Copay wallet.

Create Copay Wallet Backup
Create Copay Wallet Backup

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