Run Bitcoin Core for Windows

This section describes how to run bitcoin-qt command to start Bitcoin Core.

After installing "Bitcoin Core for Windows", I started to run it in a command line window:


You should see a welcome message window:

Welcome to Bitcoin Core.

As this is the first time the program is launched, you can where 
Bitcoin Core will store its data.

Bitcoin Core will download and store a copy of the Bitcoin block
chain. At least 153 GB of data will be stored in this directory, 
and it will grow over time. The wallet will also be stored in this

Use a custom data directory:
When you click OK, Bitcoin Core will begin to download and process 
the full Bitcoin block chain (150GB) starting with the earliest 
transactions in 2009 when Bitcoin initially launched.

This initial synchronization is very demanding, and may expose 
hardware problems with your computer that had previously gone 
unnoticed. Each time you run Bitcoin Core, it will continue 
downloading where it left off.

The message is clear. Bitcoin Core will down all transactions recorded in the entire Bitcoin blockchain to my computer.

This is not what I expected. I thought Bitcoin Core only manages my Bitcoin account and fetches transactions if I ask for.

Anyway, I clicked "OK" to let it run.

You should see the "Bitcoin Core - Wallet" window displaying the progress of download old transaction blocks.

Below is the "Bitcoin Core" download Website:

Bitcoin Core Warning on Download BlockChain
Bitcoin Core Warning on Download BlockChain

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