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This section describes how to view test transaction on

After the transaction is placed on, you can click the transaction ID to view the processing status of this transaction.

You should see the transaction status displayed at: /e22d5998a43e3e1d81784e6e92988d1c4eae77cd0e439542337e48a786c75e69/ .

Bitcoin Testnet Transaction

854.58290017 BTC    0.00113 BTC   24 minutes ago   1/6

1 Input Consumed
   854.58403017 BTC from
      mjQJmi2dKxVNRcMHXsqd9WnBM1X64oz64R (output)
2 Outputs Created
   847.54623264 BTC to
      my91eT3mdFdo9gfe85wu2Ex35sNRS3uVwJ (spent)
   7.03666753 BTC to
      mp6mKbgWE25PyyX63zJ8SRibrKugHMkJDE (unspent)

The transaction details show that the owner of mjQJmi2dKxVNRcMHXsqd9WnBM1X64oz64R cashed in 854.58290017. This amount is divided into 3 parts:

Refresh the page again later, you should see the CONFIRMATIONS value changed to 6+. This indicates there are 6 more blocks are added after my transaction. So it's safe to say, my transaction is securely confirmed now.

View Transaction on
View Transaction on

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