Block Hash Calculation Algorithm

This section describes the Block Hash Calculation Algorithm.

Bitcoin uses the following algorithm to calculate the block hash:

First lets follow the Python example given in the Block hashing algorithm at, which calculates the block hash of Bitcoin Block 125552, /00000000000000001e8d6829a8a21adc5d38d0a473b144b6765798e61f98bd1d. Note that I had to replace string decode() and encode() with binascii.unhexlify() and binascii.hexlify() on my Python installation.

>>> import hashlib
>>> import binascii

>>> header_hex = ("01000000" +
...  "81cd02ab7e569e8bcd9317e2fe99f2de44d49ab2b8851ba4a308000000000000" +
...  "e320b6c2fffc8d750423db8b1eb942ae710e951ed797f7affc8892b0f1fc122b" +
...  "c7f5d74d" +
...  "f2b9441a" +
...  "42a14695")
>>> header_bin = binascii.unhexlify(header_hex)
>>> hash = hashlib.sha256(hashlib.sha256(header_bin).digest()).digest()

>>> binascii.hexlify(hash)

>>> binascii.hexlify(hash[::-1])

The result matches will with the block hash given in

Block #125552
BlockHash 00000000000000001e8d6829a8a21adc5d38d0a473b144b6765798e61f98bd1d 

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