Bitcoin Mining Farm

This section describes what is Bitcoin mining farm.

If one Bitcoin miner is not fast enough, can we build a mining farm with thousands of miners attached to work together? The answer is yes.

Here is an example, "The Largest Bitcoin Mining Farm in Russia" described at It runs 3,000 Antminer S9 together to get a performance of 42,000 TH/s. It will take about 2 days to mine a new Bitcoin block:

8 ZH / (42,000 TH /second)
= 8,000,000,000 TH / (42,000 TH /second)
= 190,476 seconds
= 3,175 minutes
= 52 hours
= 2 days

A single mining farm is still too slow. Nobody wants to wait for 2 days to confirm a Bitcoin transaction.

Below is a picture of a Bitcoin Mining Farm in Russia:

Bitcoin Mining Farm in Russia
Bitcoin Mining Farm in Russia

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