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This section describes how to get Address data with API.

Bitcoin API offers two primary services to get Bitcoin address data:

Both services requires you to provide the address ID to identify the address. Address IDs are provided by your Bitcoin wallet, and other people's wallet.

You can try Bitcoin API to get Bitcoin address data with any Web browser. Here is what I did to get information of the address of my own wallet on the Bitcoin test network:


    "addrStr": "mp6mKbgWE25PyyX63zJ8SRibrKugHMkJDE",
    "balance": 8.71492098,
    "balanceSat": 871492098,
    "totalReceived": 8.71492098,
    "totalReceivedSat": 871492098,
    "totalSent": 0,
    "totalSentSat": 0,
    "unconfirmedBalance": 0,
    "unconfirmedBalanceSat": 0,
    "unconfirmedTxApperances": 0,
    "txApperances": 2,
    "transactions": [


    "address": "mp6mKbgWE25PyyX63zJ8SRibrKugHMkJDE",
    "vout": 1,
    "amount": 1.67825345,
    "satoshis": 167825345,
    "height": 1282885,
    "confirmations": 625
    "address": "mp6mKbgWE25PyyX63zJ8SRibrKugHMkJDE",
    "vout": 1,
    "scriptPubKey": "76a9145e25fd265324c70a1a8bbbeb969614d39f6f664788ac",
    "amount": 7.03666753,
    "satoshis": 703666753,
    "height": 1281295,
    "confirmations": 2215

The UTXO result shows that I have two funds available to spend. May be I will donate them back to where I got from.

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