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This section describes how to view an old Bitcoin transaction block on

As of 2018, Bitcoin blockchain contains more than 500,000 transaction blocks. Let's try to search and view block # 500,000 on

Go to And search for "500000" in the search box. You should see the content of block # 500000 displayed:

Block #500000

BlockHash 00000000000000000024fb37364cbf81fd49cc2d51c09c75c35433c3a1945d04 
Number Of Transactions  2701
Height  500000 (Mainchain)
Block Reward    12.5 BTC
Timestamp   Dec 18, 2017 1:35:25 PM
Mined by    
Merkle Root 31951c69428a95a46b517ffb0de12fec1bd0b2392aec07b64573e03ded31621f
Difficulty  1873105475221.611
Bits    18009645
Size (bytes)    981404
Version 536870912
Nonce   1560058197


1. 2157b554dcfda405233906e461ee593875ae4b1b97615872db6a25130ecc1dd6 
   Input: No Inputs (Newly Generated Coins)
   Output: 34qkc2iac6RsyxZVfyE2S5U5WcRsbg2dpK
      15.89351625 BTC (S)

2. fe6c48bbfdc025670f4db0340650ba5a50f9307b091d9aaa19aa44291961c69f 
   Input: 3FfQGY7jqsADC7uTVqF3vKQzeNPiBPTqt4
      0.3467607 BTC
   Output: 3E5ZMVMzm4iZKAid54GeuebvBHvDkfukxh
      0.34674366 BTC 
   FEE: 0.00001704 BTC

3. 1024cb12a576b69defa67dbc2f1899700ab58e5ad3d5e058edefb907f59865bc 
   Input: 1H1b9fN7wYYwTSweyPjE7wCGSHuduCcE2o
      0.0104 BTC
   Input: 1FEsXvyxScHoZUfmRrKAYRstz6nmk57zEu
      0.1651 BTC
   Output: 1LXnPYpHTwQeWfBVnQZ4yDP23b57NwoyrP
      0.1745 BTC (S)
   FEE: 0.001 BTC


Below is the block # 500000 in Bitcoin blockchain displayed on

Bitcoin Block # 500000
Bitcoin Block # 500000

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