Unicode to GB2312 - Part 8: 0x593C to 0x5C22

Unicode to GB2312 code mapping is provided for GB2312 character set - Part 8: Unicode 0x593C to 0x5C22.

Part 8: Unicode 0x593C to 0x5C22

Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB    

593C DEC5 夼   5941 DEC6 奁   5942 DBBC 奂   5944 D1D9 奄   5947 C6E6 奇
5948 C4CE 奈   5949 B7EE 奉   594B B7DC 奋   594E BFFC 奎   594F D7E0 奏
5951 C6F5 契   5954 B1BC 奔   5955 DEC8 奕   5956 BDB1 奖   5957 CCD7 套
5958 DECA 奘   595A DEC9 奚   5960 B5EC 奠   5962 C9DD 奢   5965 B0C2 奥
5973 C5AE 女   5974 C5AB 奴   5976 C4CC 奶   5978 BCE9 奸   5979 CBFD 她
597D BAC3 好   5981 E5F9 妁   5982 C8E7 如   5983 E5FA 妃   5984 CDFD 妄
5986 D7B1 妆   5987 B8BE 妇   5988 C2E8 妈   598A C8D1 妊   598D E5FB 妍
5992 B6CA 妒   5993 BCCB 妓   5996 D1FD 妖   5997 E6A1 妗   5999 C3EE 妙
599E E6A4 妞   59A3 E5FE 妣   59A4 E6A5 妤   59A5 CDD7 妥   59A8 B7C1 妨
59A9 E5FC 妩   59AA E5FD 妪   59AB E6A3 妫   59AE C4DD 妮   59AF E6A8 妯
59B2 E6A7 妲   59B9 C3C3 妹   59BB C6DE 妻   59BE E6AA 妾   59C6 C4B7 姆
59CA E6A2 姊   59CB CABC 始   59D0 BDE3 姐   59D1 B9C3 姑   59D2 E6A6 姒
59D3 D0D5 姓   59D4 CEAF 委   59D7 E6A9 姗   59D8 E6B0 姘   59DA D2A6 姚
59DC BDAA 姜   59DD E6AD 姝   59E3 E6AF 姣   59E5 C0D1 姥   59E8 D2CC 姨
59EC BCA7 姬   59F9 E6B1 姹   59FB D2F6 姻   59FF D7CB 姿   5A01 CDFE 威
5A03 CDDE 娃   5A04 C2A6 娄   5A05 E6AB 娅   5A06 E6AC 娆   5A07 BDBF 娇
5A08 E6AE 娈   5A09 E6B3 娉   5A0C E6B2 娌   5A11 E6B6 娑   5A13 E6B8 娓
5A18 C4EF 娘   5A1C C4C8 娜   5A1F BEEA 娟   5A20 C9EF 娠   5A23 E6B7 娣
5A25 B6F0 娥   5A29 C3E4 娩   5A31 D3E9 娱   5A32 E6B4 娲   5A34 E6B5 娴
5A36 C8A2 娶   5A3C E6BD 娼   5A40 E6B9 婀   5A46 C6C5 婆   5A49 CDF1 婉
5A4A E6BB 婊   5A55 E6BC 婕   5A5A BBE9 婚   5A62 E6BE 婢   5A67 E6BA 婧
5A6A C0B7 婪   5A74 D3A4 婴   5A75 E6BF 婵   5A76 C9F4 婶   5A77 E6C3 婷
5A7A E6C4 婺   5A7F D0F6 婿   5A92 C3BD 媒   5A9A C3C4 媚   5A9B E6C2 媛
5AAA E6C1 媪   5AB2 E6C7 媲   5AB3 CFB1 媳   5AB5 EBF4 媵   5AB8 E6CA 媸
5ABE E6C5 媾   5AC1 BCDE 嫁   5AC2 C9A9 嫂   5AC9 BCB5 嫉   5ACC CFD3 嫌
5AD2 E6C8 嫒   5AD4 E6C9 嫔   5AD6 E6CE 嫖   5AD8 E6D0 嫘   5ADC E6D1 嫜
5AE0 E6CB 嫠   5AE1 B5D5 嫡   5AE3 E6CC 嫣   5AE6 E6CF 嫦   5AE9 C4DB 嫩
5AEB E6C6 嫫   5AF1 E6CD 嫱   5B09 E6D2 嬉   5B16 E6D4 嬖   5B17 E6D3 嬗
5B32 E6D5 嬲   5B34 D9F8 嬴   5B37 E6D6 嬷   5B40 E6D7 孀   5B50 D7D3 子
5B51 E6DD 孑   5B53 E6DE 孓   5B54 BFD7 孔   5B55 D4D0 孕   5B57 D7D6 字
5B58 B4E6 存   5B59 CBEF 孙   5B5A E6DA 孚   5B5B D8C3 孛   5B5C D7CE 孜
5B5D D0A2 孝   5B5F C3CF 孟   5B62 E6DF 孢   5B63 BCBE 季   5B64 B9C2 孤
5B65 E6DB 孥   5B66 D1A7 学   5B69 BAA2 孩   5B6A C2CF 孪   5B6C D8AB 孬
5B70 CAEB 孰   5B71 E5EE 孱   5B73 E6DC 孳   5B75 B7F5 孵   5B7A C8E6 孺
5B7D C4F5 孽   5B80 E5B2 宀   5B81 C4FE 宁   5B83 CBFC 它   5B84 E5B3 宄
5B85 D5AC 宅   5B87 D3EE 宇   5B88 CAD8 守   5B89 B0B2 安   5B8B CBCE 宋
5B8C CDEA 完   5B8F BAEA 宏   5B93 E5B5 宓   5B95 E5B4 宕   5B97 D7DA 宗
5B98 B9D9 官   5B99 D6E6 宙   5B9A B6A8 定   5B9B CDF0 宛   5B9C D2CB 宜
5B9D B1A6 宝   5B9E CAB5 实   5BA0 B3E8 宠   5BA1 C9F3 审   5BA2 BFCD 客
5BA3 D0FB 宣   5BA4 CAD2 室   5BA5 E5B6 宥   5BA6 BBC2 宦   5BAA CFDC 宪
5BAB B9AC 宫   5BB0 D4D7 宰   5BB3 BAA6 害   5BB4 D1E7 宴   5BB5 CFFC 宵
5BB6 BCD2 家   5BB8 E5B7 宸   5BB9 C8DD 容   5BBD BFED 宽   5BBE B1F6 宾
5BBF CBDE 宿   5BC2 BCC5 寂   5BC4 BCC4 寄   5BC5 D2FA 寅   5BC6 C3DC 密
5BC7 BFDC 寇   5BCC B8BB 富   5BD0 C3C2 寐   5BD2 BAAE 寒   5BD3 D4A2 寓
5BDD C7DE 寝   5BDE C4AF 寞   5BDF B2EC 察   5BE1 B9D1 寡   5BE4 E5BB 寤
5BE5 C1C8 寥   5BE8 D5AF 寨   5BEE E5BC 寮   5BF0 E5BE 寰   5BF8 B4E7 寸
5BF9 B6D4 对   5BFA CBC2 寺   5BFB D1B0 寻   5BFC B5BC 导   5BFF CAD9 寿
5C01 B7E2 封   5C04 C9E4 射   5C06 BDAB 将   5C09 CEBE 尉   5C0A D7F0 尊
5C0F D0A1 小   5C11 C9D9 少   5C14 B6FB 尔   5C15 E6D8 尕   5C16 BCE2 尖
5C18 B3BE 尘   5C1A C9D0 尚   5C1C E6D9 尜   5C1D B3A2 尝   5C22 DECC 尢

This mapping table was generated by my Java program: UnicodeGB2312.java. GB2312 Native Codes in the third column are converted to Web page encoding to display Chinese glyphs.

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