Unicode to GB2312 - Part 6: 0x540E to 0x5609

Unicode to GB2312 code mapping is provided for GB2312 character set - Part 6: Unicode 0x540E to 0x5609.

Part 6: Unicode 0x540E to 0x5609

Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB    

540E BAF3 后   540F C0F4 吏   5410 CDC2 吐   5411 CFF2 向   5412 DFB8 吒
5413 CFC5 吓   5415 C2C0 吕   5416 DFB9 吖   5417 C2F0 吗   541B BEFD 君
541D C1DF 吝   541E CDCC 吞   541F D2F7 吟   5420 B7CD 吠   5421 DFC1 吡
5423 DFC4 吣   5426 B7F1 否   5427 B0C9 吧   5428 B6D6 吨   5429 B7D4 吩
542B BAAC 含   542C CCFD 听   542D BFD4 吭   542E CBB1 吮   542F C6F4 启
5431 D6A8 吱   5432 DFC5 吲   5434 CEE2 吴   5435 B3B3 吵   5438 CEFC 吸
5439 B4B5 吹   543B CEC7 吻   543C BAF0 吼   543E CEE1 吾   5440 D1BD 呀
5443 DFC0 呃   5446 B4F4 呆   5448 B3CA 呈   544A B8E6 告   544B DFBB 呋
5450 C4C5 呐   5452 DFBC 呒   5453 DFBD 呓   5454 DFBE 呔   5455 C5BB 呕
5456 DFBF 呖   5457 DFC2 呗   5458 D4B1 员   5459 DFC3 呙   545B C7BA 呛
545C CED8 呜   5462 C4D8 呢   5464 DFCA 呤   5466 DFCF 呦   5468 D6DC 周
5471 DFC9 呱   5472 DFDA 呲   5473 CEB6 味   5475 BAC7 呵   5476 DFCE 呶
5477 DFC8 呷   5478 C5DE 呸   547B C9EB 呻   547C BAF4 呼   547D C3FC 命
5480 BED7 咀   5482 DFC6 咂   5484 DFCD 咄   5486 C5D8 咆   548B D5A6 咋
548C BACD 和   548E BECC 咎   548F D3BD 咏   5490 B8C0 咐   5492 D6E4 咒
5494 DFC7 咔   5495 B9BE 咕   5496 BFA7 咖   5499 C1FC 咙   549A DFCB 咚
549B DFCC 咛   549D DFD0 咝   54A3 DFDB 咣   54A4 DFE5 咤   54A6 DFD7 咦
54A7 DFD6 咧   54A8 D7C9 咨   54A9 DFE3 咩   54AA DFE4 咪   54AB E5EB 咫
54AC D2A7 咬   54AD DFD2 咭   54AF BFA9 咯   54B1 D4DB 咱   54B3 BFC8 咳
54B4 DFD4 咴   54B8 CFCC 咸   54BB DFDD 咻   54BD D1CA 咽   54BF DFDE 咿
54C0 B0A7 哀   54C1 C6B7 品   54C2 DFD3 哂   54C4 BAE5 哄   54C6 B6DF 哆
54C7 CDDB 哇   54C8 B9FE 哈   54C9 D4D5 哉   54CC DFDF 哌   54CD CFEC 响
54CE B0A5 哎   54CF DFE7 哏   54D0 DFD1 哐   54D1 D1C6 哑   54D2 DFD5 哒
54D3 DFD8 哓   54D4 DFD9 哔   54D5 DFDC 哕   54D7 BBA9 哗   54D9 DFE0 哙
54DA DFE1 哚   54DC DFE2 哜   54DD DFE6 哝   54DE DFE8 哞   54DF D3B4 哟
54E5 B8E7 哥   54E6 C5B6 哦   54E7 DFEA 哧   54E8 C9DA 哨   54E9 C1A8 哩
54EA C4C4 哪   54ED BFDE 哭   54EE CFF8 哮   54F2 D5DC 哲   54F3 DFEE 哳
54FA B2B8 哺   54FC BADF 哼   54FD DFEC 哽   54FF DBC1 哿   5501 D1E4 唁
5506 CBF4 唆   5507 B4BD 唇   5509 B0A6 唉   550F DFF1 唏   5510 CCC6 唐
5511 DFF2 唑   5514 DFED 唔   551B DFE9 唛   5520 DFEB 唠   5522 DFEF 唢
5523 DFF0 唣   5524 BBBD 唤   5527 DFF3 唧   552A DFF4 唪   552C BBA3 唬
552E CADB 售   552F CEA8 唯   5530 E0A7 唰   5531 B3AA 唱   5533 E0A6 唳
5537 E0A1 唷   553C DFFE 唼   553E CDD9 唾   553F DFFC 唿   5541 DFFA 啁
5543 BFD0 啃   5544 D7C4 啄   5546 C9CC 商   5549 DFF8 啉   554A B0A1 啊
5550 DFFD 啐   5555 DFFB 啕   5556 E0A2 啖   555C E0A8 啜   5561 B7C8 啡
5564 C6A1 啤   5565 C9B6 啥   5566 C0B2 啦   5567 DFF5 啧   556A C5BE 啪
556C D8C4 啬   556D DFF9 啭   556E C4F6 啮   5575 E0A3 啵   5576 E0A4 啶
5577 E0A5 啷   5578 D0A5 啸   557B E0B4 啻   557C CCE4 啼   557E E0B1 啾
5580 BFA6 喀   5581 E0AF 喁   5582 CEB9 喂   5583 E0AB 喃   5584 C9C6 善
5587 C0AE 喇   5588 E0AE 喈   5589 BAED 喉   558A BAB0 喊   558B E0A9 喋
558F DFF6 喏   5591 E0B3 喑   5594 E0B8 喔   5598 B4AD 喘   5599 E0B9 喙
559C CFB2 喜   559D BAC8 喝   559F E0B0 喟   55A7 D0FA 喧   55B1 E0AC 喱
55B3 D4FB 喳   55B5 DFF7 喵   55B7 C5E7 喷   55B9 E0AD 喹   55BB D3F7 喻
55BD E0B6 喽   55BE E0B7 喾   55C4 E0C4 嗄   55C5 D0E1 嗅   55C9 E0BC 嗉
55CC E0C9 嗌   55CD E0CA 嗍   55D1 E0BE 嗑   55D2 E0AA 嗒   55D3 C9A4 嗓
55D4 E0C1 嗔   55D6 E0B2 嗖   55DC CAC8 嗜   55DD E0C3 嗝   55DF E0B5 嗟
55E1 CECB 嗡   55E3 CBC3 嗣   55E4 E0CD 嗤   55E5 E0C6 嗥   55E6 E0C2 嗦
55E8 E0CB 嗨   55EA E0BA 嗪   55EB E0BF 嗫   55EC E0C0 嗬   55EF E0C5 嗯
55F2 E0C7 嗲   55F3 E0C8 嗳   55F5 E0CC 嗵   55F7 E0BB 嗷   55FD CBD4 嗽
55FE E0D5 嗾   5600 E0D6 嘀   5601 E0D2 嘁   5608 E0D0 嘈   5609 BCCE 嘉

This mapping table was generated by my Java program: UnicodeGB2312.java. GB2312 Native Codes in the third column are converted to Web page encoding to display Chinese glyphs.

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