Unicode to GB2312 - Part 14: 0x69B4 to 0x6CFC

Unicode to GB2312 code mapping is provided for GB2312 character set - Part 14: Unicode 0x69B4 to 0x6CFC.

Part 14: Unicode 0x69B4 to 0x6CFC

Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB    

69B4 C1F1 榴   69B7 C8B6 榷   69BB E9BD 榻   69C1 E9C2 槁   69CA E9C3 槊
69CC E9B3 槌   69CE E9B6 槎   69D0 BBB1 槐   69D4 E9C0 槔   69DB BCF7 槛
69DF E9C4 槟   69E0 E9C6 槠   69ED E9CA 槭   69F2 E9CE 槲   69FD B2DB 槽
69FF E9C8 槿   6A0A B7AE 樊   6A17 E9CB 樗   6A18 E9CC 樘   6A1F D5C1 樟
6A21 C4A3 模   6A28 E9D8 樨   6A2A BAE1 横   6A2F E9C9 樯   6A31 D3A3 樱
6A35 E9D4 樵   6A3D E9D7 樽   6A3E E9D0 樾   6A44 E9CF 橄   6A47 C7C1 橇
6A50 E9D2 橐   6A58 E9D9 橘   6A59 B3C8 橙   6A5B E9D3 橛   6A61 CFF0 橡
6A65 E9CD 橥   6A71 B3F7 橱   6A79 E9D6 橹   6A7C E9DA 橼   6A80 CCB4 檀
6A84 CFAD 檄   6A8E E9D5 檎   6A90 E9DC 檐   6A91 E9DB 檑   6A97 E9DE 檗
6AA0 E9D1 檠   6AA9 E9DD 檩   6AAB E9DF 檫   6AAC C3CA 檬   6B20 C7B7 欠
6B21 B4CE 次   6B22 BBB6 欢   6B23 D0C0 欣   6B24 ECA3 欤   6B27 C5B7 欧
6B32 D3FB 欲   6B37 ECA4 欷   6B39 ECA5 欹   6B3A C6DB 欺   6B3E BFEE 款
6B43 ECA6 歃   6B46 ECA7 歆   6B47 D0AA 歇   6B49 C7B8 歉   6B4C B8E8 歌
6B59 ECA8 歙   6B62 D6B9 止   6B63 D5FD 正   6B64 B4CB 此   6B65 B2BD 步
6B66 CEE4 武   6B67 C6E7 歧   6B6A CDE1 歪   6B79 B4F5 歹   6B7B CBC0 死
6B7C BCDF 歼   6B81 E9E2 殁   6B82 E9E3 殂   6B83 D1EA 殃   6B84 E9E5 殄
6B86 B4F9 殆   6B87 E9E4 殇   6B89 D1B3 殉   6B8A CAE2 殊   6B8B B2D0 残
6B8D E9E8 殍   6B92 E9E6 殒   6B93 E9E7 殓   6B96 D6B3 殖   6B9A E9E9 殚
6B9B E9EA 殛   6BA1 E9EB 殡   6BAA E9EC 殪   6BB3 ECAF 殳   6BB4 C5B9 殴
6BB5 B6CE 段   6BB7 D2F3 殷   6BBF B5EE 殿   6BC1 BBD9 毁   6BC2 ECB1 毂
6BC5 D2E3 毅   6BCB CEE3 毋   6BCD C4B8 母   6BCF C3BF 每   6BD2 B6BE 毒
6BD3 D8B9 毓   6BD4 B1C8 比   6BD5 B1CF 毕   6BD6 B1D1 毖   6BD7 C5FE 毗
6BD9 B1D0 毙   6BDB C3AB 毛   6BE1 D5B1 毡   6BEA EBA4 毪   6BEB BAC1 毫
6BEF CCBA 毯   6BF3 EBA5 毳   6BF5 EBA7 毵   6BF9 EBA8 毹   6BFD EBA6 毽
6C05 EBA9 氅   6C06 EBAB 氆   6C07 EBAA 氇   6C0D EBAC 氍   6C0F CACF 氏
6C10 D8B5 氐   6C11 C3F1 民   6C13 C3A5 氓   6C14 C6F8 气   6C15 EBAD 氕
6C16 C4CA 氖   6C18 EBAE 氘   6C19 EBAF 氙   6C1A EBB0 氚   6C1B B7D5 氛
6C1F B7FA 氟   6C21 EBB1 氡   6C22 C7E2 氢   6C24 EBB3 氤   6C26 BAA4 氦
6C27 D1F5 氧   6C28 B0B1 氨   6C29 EBB2 氩   6C2A EBB4 氪   6C2E B5AA 氮
6C2F C2C8 氯   6C30 C7E8 氰   6C32 EBB5 氲   6C34 CBAE 水   6C35 E3DF 氵
6C38 D3C0 永   6C3D D9DB 氽   6C40 CDA1 汀   6C41 D6AD 汁   6C42 C7F3 求
6C46 D9E0 汆   6C47 BBE3 汇   6C49 BABA 汉   6C4A E3E2 汊   6C50 CFAB 汐
6C54 E3E0 汔   6C55 C9C7 汕   6C57 BAB9 汗   6C5B D1B4 汛   6C5C E3E1 汜
6C5D C8EA 汝   6C5E B9AF 汞   6C5F BDAD 江   6C60 B3D8 池   6C61 CEDB 污
6C64 CCC0 汤   6C68 E3E8 汨   6C69 E3E9 汩   6C6A CDF4 汪   6C70 CCAD 汰
6C72 BCB3 汲   6C74 E3EA 汴   6C76 E3EB 汶   6C79 D0DA 汹   6C7D C6FB 汽
6C7E B7DA 汾   6C81 C7DF 沁   6C82 D2CA 沂   6C83 CED6 沃   6C85 E3E4 沅
6C86 E3EC 沆   6C88 C9F2 沈   6C89 B3C1 沉   6C8C E3E7 沌   6C8F C6E3 沏
6C90 E3E5 沐   6C93 EDB3 沓   6C94 E3E6 沔   6C99 C9B3 沙   6C9B C5E6 沛
6C9F B9B5 沟   6CA1 C3BB 没   6CA3 E3E3 沣   6CA4 C5BD 沤   6CA5 C1A4 沥
6CA6 C2D9 沦   6CA7 B2D7 沧   6CA9 E3ED 沩   6CAA BBA6 沪   6CAB C4AD 沫
6CAD E3F0 沭   6CAE BEDA 沮   6CB1 E3FB 沱   6CB2 E3F5 沲   6CB3 BAD3 河
6CB8 B7D0 沸   6CB9 D3CD 油   6CBB D6CE 治   6CBC D5D3 沼   6CBD B9C1 沽
6CBE D5B4 沾   6CBF D1D8 沿   6CC4 D0B9 泄   6CC5 C7F6 泅   6CC9 C8AA 泉
6CCA B2B4 泊   6CCC C3DA 泌   6CD0 E3EE 泐   6CD3 E3FC 泓   6CD4 E3EF 泔
6CD5 B7A8 法   6CD6 E3F7 泖   6CD7 E3F4 泗   6CDB B7BA 泛   6CDE C5A2 泞
6CE0 E3F6 泠   6CE1 C5DD 泡   6CE2 B2A8 波   6CE3 C6FC 泣   6CE5 C4E0 泥
6CE8 D7A2 注   6CEA C0E1 泪   6CEB E3F9 泫   6CEE E3FA 泮   6CEF E3FD 泯
6CF0 CCA9 泰   6CF1 E3F3 泱   6CF3 D3BE 泳   6CF5 B1C3 泵   6CF6 EDB4 泶
6CF7 E3F1 泷   6CF8 E3F2 泸   6CFA E3F8 泺   6CFB D0BA 泻   6CFC C6C3 泼

This mapping table was generated by my Java program: UnicodeGB2312.java. GB2312 Native Codes in the third column are converted to Web page encoding to display Chinese glyphs.

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