Unicode to GB2312 - Part 16: 0x6FE0 to 0x738E

Unicode to GB2312 code mapping is provided for GB2312 character set - Part 16: Unicode 0x6FE0 to 0x738E.

Part 16: Unicode 0x6FE0 to 0x738E

Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB    

6FE0 E5A9 濠   6FE1 E5A6 濡   6FEE E5A7 濮   6FEF E5AA 濯   7011 C6D9 瀑
701A E5AB 瀚   701B E5AD 瀛   7023 E5AC 瀣   7035 E5AF 瀵   7039 E5AE 瀹
704C B9E0 灌   704F E5B0 灏   705E E5B1 灞   706B BBF0 火   706C ECE1 灬
706D C3F0 灭   706F B5C6 灯   7070 BBD2 灰   7075 C1E9 灵   7076 D4EE 灶
7078 BEC4 灸   707C D7C6 灼   707E D4D6 灾   707F B2D3 灿   7080 ECBE 炀
7085 EAC1 炅   7089 C2AF 炉   708A B4B6 炊   708E D1D7 炎   7092 B3B4 炒
7094 C8B2 炔   7095 BFBB 炕   7096 ECC0 炖   7099 D6CB 炙   709C ECBF 炜
709D ECC1 炝   70AB ECC5 炫   70AC BEE6 炬   70AD CCBF 炭   70AE C5DA 炮
70AF BEBC 炯   70B1 ECC6 炱   70B3 B1FE 炳   70B7 ECC4 炷   70B8 D5A8 炸
70B9 B5E3 点   70BB ECC2 炻   70BC C1B6 炼   70BD B3E3 炽   70C0 ECC3 烀
70C1 CBB8 烁   70C2 C0C3 烂   70C3 CCFE 烃   70C8 C1D2 烈   70CA ECC8 烊
70D8 BAE6 烘   70D9 C0D3 烙   70DB D6F2 烛   70DF D1CC 烟   70E4 BFBE 烤
70E6 B7B3 烦   70E7 C9D5 烧   70E8 ECC7 烨   70E9 BBE2 烩   70EB CCCC 烫
70EC BDFD 烬   70ED C8C8 热   70EF CFA9 烯   70F7 CDE9 烷   70F9 C5EB 烹
70FD B7E9 烽   7109 D1C9 焉   710A BAB8 焊   7110 ECC9 焐   7113 ECCA 焓
7115 BBC0 焕   7116 ECCB 焖   7118 ECE2 焘   7119 B1BA 焙   711A B7D9 焚
7126 BDB9 焦   712F ECCC 焯   7130 D1E6 焰   7131 ECCD 焱   7136 C8BB 然
7145 ECD1 煅   714A ECD3 煊   714C BBCD 煌   714E BCE5 煎   715C ECCF 煜
715E C9B7 煞   7164 C3BA 煤   7166 ECE3 煦   7167 D5D5 照   7168 ECD0 煨
716E D6F3 煮   7172 ECD2 煲   7173 ECCE 煳   7178 ECD4 煸   717A ECD5 煺
717D C9BF 煽   7184 CFA8 熄   718A D0DC 熊   718F D1AC 熏   7194 C8DB 熔
7198 ECD6 熘   7199 CEF5 熙   719F CAEC 熟   71A0 ECDA 熠   71A8 ECD9 熨
71AC B0BE 熬   71B3 ECD7 熳   71B5 ECD8 熵   71B9 ECE4 熹   71C3 C8BC 燃
71CE C1C7 燎   71D4 ECDC 燔   71D5 D1E0 燕   71E0 ECDB 燠   71E5 D4EF 燥
71E7 ECDD 燧   71EE DBC6 燮   71F9 ECDE 燹   7206 B1AC 爆   721D ECDF 爝
7228 ECE0 爨   722A D7A6 爪   722C C5C0 爬   7230 EBBC 爰   7231 B0AE 爱
7235 BEF4 爵   7236 B8B8 父   7237 D2AF 爷   7238 B0D6 爸   7239 B5F9 爹
723B D8B3 爻   723D CBAC 爽   723F E3DD 爿   7247 C6AC 片   7248 B0E6 版
724C C5C6 牌   724D EBB9 牍   7252 EBBA 牒   7256 EBBB 牖   7259 D1C0 牙
725B C5A3 牛   725D EAF2 牝   725F C4B2 牟   7261 C4B5 牡   7262 C0CE 牢
7266 EAF3 牦   7267 C4C1 牧   7269 CEEF 物   726E EAF0 牮   726F EAF4 牯
7272 C9FC 牲   7275 C7A3 牵   7279 CCD8 特   727A CEFE 牺   727E EAF5 牾
727F EAF6 牿   7280 CFAC 犀   7281 C0E7 犁   7284 EAF7 犄   728A B6BF 犊
728B EAF8 犋   728D EAF9 犍   728F EAFA 犏   7292 EAFB 犒   729F EAF1 犟
72AC C8AE 犬   72AD E1EB 犭   72AF B7B8 犯   72B0 E1EC 犰   72B4 E1ED 犴
72B6 D7B4 状   72B7 E1EE 犷   72B8 E1EF 犸   72B9 D3CC 犹   72C1 E1F1 狁
72C2 BFF1 狂   72C3 E1F0 狃   72C4 B5D2 狄   72C8 B1B7 狈   72CD E1F3 狍
72CE E1F2 狎   72D0 BAFC 狐   72D2 E1F4 狒   72D7 B9B7 狗   72D9 BED1 狙
72DE C4FC 狞   72E0 BADD 狠   72E1 BDC6 狡   72E8 E1F5 狨   72E9 E1F7 狩
72EC B6C0 独   72ED CFC1 狭   72EE CAA8 狮   72EF E1F6 狯   72F0 D5F8 狰
72F1 D3FC 狱   72F2 E1F8 狲   72F3 E1FC 狳   72F4 E1F9 狴   72F7 E1FA 狷
72F8 C0EA 狸   72FA E1FE 狺   72FB E2A1 狻   72FC C0C7 狼   7301 E1FB 猁
7303 E1FD 猃   730A E2A5 猊   730E C1D4 猎   7313 E2A3 猓   7315 E2A8 猕
7316 B2FE 猖   7317 E2A2 猗   731B C3CD 猛   731C B2C2 猜   731D E2A7 猝
731E E2A6 猞   7321 E2A4 猡   7322 E2A9 猢   7325 E2AB 猥   7329 D0C9 猩
732A D6ED 猪   732B C3A8 猫   732C E2AC 猬   732E CFD7 献   7331 E2AE 猱
7334 BAEF 猴   7337 E9E0 猷   7338 E2AD 猸   7339 E2AA 猹   733E BBAB 猾
733F D4B3 猿   734D E2B0 獍   7350 E2AF 獐   7352 E9E1 獒   7357 E2B1 獗
7360 E2B2 獠   736C E2B3 獬   736D CCA1 獭   736F E2B4 獯   737E E2B5 獾
7384 D0FE 玄   7387 C2CA 率   7389 D3F1 玉   738B CDF5 王   738E E7E0 玎

This mapping table was generated by my Java program: UnicodeGB2312.java. GB2312 Native Codes in the third column are converted to Web page encoding to display Chinese glyphs.

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