Unicode to GB2312 - Part 30: 0x9E4F to 0xFFE5

Unicode to GB2312 code mapping is provided for GB2312 character set - Part 30: Unicode 0x9E4F to 0xFFE5.

Part 30: Unicode 0x9E4F to 0xFFE5

Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB    

9E4F C5F4 鹏   9E51 F0C8 鹑   9E55 F0C9 鹕   9E57 F0CA 鹗   9E58 F7BD 鹘
9E5A F0CB 鹚   9E5B F0CC 鹛   9E5C F0CD 鹜   9E5E F0CE 鹞   9E63 F0CF 鹣
9E64 BAD7 鹤   9E66 F0D0 鹦   9E67 F0D1 鹧   9E68 F0D2 鹨   9E69 F0D3 鹩
9E6A F0D4 鹪   9E6B F0D5 鹫   9E6C F0D6 鹬   9E6D F0D8 鹭   9E70 D3A5 鹰
9E71 F0D7 鹱   9E73 F0D9 鹳   9E7E F5BA 鹾   9E7F C2B9 鹿   9E82 F7E4 麂
9E87 F7E5 麇   9E88 F7E6 麈   9E8B F7E7 麋   9E92 F7E8 麒   9E93 C2B4 麓
9E9D F7EA 麝   9E9F F7EB 麟   9EA6 C2F3 麦   9EB4 F4F0 麴   9EB8 F4EF 麸
9EBB C2E9 麻   9EBD F7E1 麽   9EBE F7E2 麾   9EC4 BBC6 黄   9EC9 D9E4 黉
9ECD CAF2 黍   9ECE C0E8 黎   9ECF F0A4 黏   9ED1 BADA 黑   9ED4 C7AD 黔
9ED8 C4AC 默   9EDB F7EC 黛   9EDC F7ED 黜   9EDD F7EE 黝   9EDF F7F0 黟
9EE0 F7EF 黠   9EE2 F7F1 黢   9EE5 F7F4 黥   9EE7 F7F3 黧   9EE9 F7F2 黩
9EEA F7F5 黪   9EEF F7F6 黯   9EF9 EDE9 黹   9EFB EDEA 黻   9EFC EDEB 黼
9EFE F6BC 黾   9F0B F6BD 鼋   9F0D F6BE 鼍   9F0E B6A6 鼎   9F10 D8BE 鼐
9F13 B9C4 鼓   9F17 D8BB 鼗   9F19 DCB1 鼙   9F20 CAF3 鼠   9F22 F7F7 鼢
9F2C F7F8 鼬   9F2F F7F9 鼯   9F37 F7FB 鼷   9F39 F7FA 鼹   9F3B B1C7 鼻
9F3D F7FC 鼽   9F3E F7FD 鼾   9F44 F7FE 齄   9F50 C6EB 齐   9F51 ECB4 齑
9F7F B3DD 齿   9F80 F6B3 龀   9F83 F6B4 龃   9F84 C1E4 龄   9F85 F6B5 龅
9F86 F6B6 龆   9F87 F6B7 龇   9F88 F6B8 龈   9F89 F6B9 龉   9F8A F6BA 龊
9F8B C8A3 龋   9F8C F6BB 龌   9F99 C1FA 龙   9F9A B9A8 龚   9F9B EDE8 龛
9F9F B9EA 龟   9FA0 D9DF 龠   FF01 A3A1 !   FF02 A3A2 "   FF03 A3A3 #
FF04 A1E7 $   FF05 A3A5 %   FF06 A3A6 &   FF07 A3A7 '   FF08 A3A8 (
FF09 A3A9 )   FF0A A3AA *   FF0B A3AB +   FF0C A3AC ,   FF0D A3AD -
FF0E A3AE .   FF0F A3AF /   FF10 A3B0 0   FF11 A3B1 1   FF12 A3B2 2
FF13 A3B3 3   FF14 A3B4 4   FF15 A3B5 5   FF16 A3B6 6   FF17 A3B7 7
FF18 A3B8 8   FF19 A3B9 9   FF1A A3BA :   FF1B A3BB ;   FF1C A3BC <
FF1D A3BD =   FF1E A3BE >   FF1F A3BF ?   FF20 A3C0 @   FF21 A3C1 A
FF22 A3C2 B   FF23 A3C3 C   FF24 A3C4 D   FF25 A3C5 E   FF26 A3C6 F
FF27 A3C7 G   FF28 A3C8 H   FF29 A3C9 I   FF2A A3CA J   FF2B A3CB K
FF2C A3CC L   FF2D A3CD M   FF2E A3CE N   FF2F A3CF O   FF30 A3D0 P
FF31 A3D1 Q   FF32 A3D2 R   FF33 A3D3 S   FF34 A3D4 T   FF35 A3D5 U
FF36 A3D6 V   FF37 A3D7 W   FF38 A3D8 X   FF39 A3D9 Y   FF3A A3DA Z
FF3B A3DB [   FF3C A3DC \   FF3D A3DD ]   FF3E A3DE ^   FF3F A3DF _
FF40 A3E0 `   FF41 A3E1 a   FF42 A3E2 b   FF43 A3E3 c   FF44 A3E4 d
FF45 A3E5 e   FF46 A3E6 f   FF47 A3E7 g   FF48 A3E8 h   FF49 A3E9 i
FF4A A3EA j   FF4B A3EB k   FF4C A3EC l   FF4D A3ED m   FF4E A3EE n
FF4F A3EF o   FF50 A3F0 p   FF51 A3F1 q   FF52 A3F2 r   FF53 A3F3 s
FF54 A3F4 t   FF55 A3F5 u   FF56 A3F6 v   FF57 A3F7 w   FF58 A3F8 x
FF59 A3F9 y   FF5A A3FA z   FF5B A3FB {   FF5C A3FC |   FF5D A3FD }
FF5E A1AB ~   FFE0 A1E9 ¢   FFE1 A1EA £   FFE3 A3FE  ̄   FFE5 A3A4 ¥

This mapping table was generated by my Java program: UnicodeGB2312.java. GB2312 Native Codes in the third column are converted to Web page encoding to display Chinese glyphs.

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Unicode to GB2312 - Part 30: 0x9E4F to 0xFFE5

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