Unicode to GB2312 - Part 21: 0x8022 to 0x828B

Unicode to GB2312 code mapping is provided for GB2312 character set - Part 21: Unicode 0x8022 to 0x828B.

Part 21: Unicode 0x8022 to 0x828B

Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB    

8022 F1EC 耢   8025 F1ED 耥   8026 F1EE 耦   8027 F1EF 耧   8028 F1F1 耨
8029 F1F0 耩   802A C5D5 耪   8031 F1F2 耱   8033 B6FA 耳   8035 F1F4 耵
8036 D2AE 耶   8037 DEC7 耷   8038 CBCA 耸   803B B3DC 耻   803D B5A2 耽
803F B9A2 耿   8042 C4F4 聂   8043 F1F5 聃   8046 F1F6 聆   804A C1C4 聊
804B C1FB 聋   804C D6B0 职   804D F1F7 聍   8052 F1F8 聒   8054 C1AA 联
8058 C6B8 聘   805A BEDB 聚   8069 F1F9 聩   806A B4CF 聪   8071 F1FA 聱
807F EDB2 聿   8080 EDB1 肀   8083 CBE0 肃   8084 D2DE 肄   8086 CBC1 肆
8087 D5D8 肇   8089 C8E2 肉   808B C0DF 肋   808C BCA1 肌   8093 EBC1 肓
8096 D0A4 肖   8098 D6E2 肘   809A B6C7 肚   809B B8D8 肛   809C EBC0 肜
809D B8CE 肝   809F EBBF 肟   80A0 B3A6 肠   80A1 B9C9 股   80A2 D6AB 肢
80A4 B7F4 肤   80A5 B7CA 肥   80A9 BCE7 肩   80AA B7BE 肪   80AB EBC6 肫
80AD EBC7 肭   80AE B0B9 肮   80AF BFCF 肯   80B1 EBC5 肱   80B2 D3FD 育
80B4 EBC8 肴   80B7 EBC9 肷   80BA B7CE 肺   80BC EBC2 肼   80BD EBC4 肽
80BE C9F6 肾   80BF D6D7 肿   80C0 D5CD 胀   80C1 D0B2 胁   80C2 EBCF 胂
80C3 CEB8 胃   80C4 EBD0 胄   80C6 B5A8 胆   80CC B1B3 背   80CD EBD2 胍
80CE CCA5 胎   80D6 C5D6 胖   80D7 EBD3 胗   80D9 EBD1 胙   80DA C5DF 胚
80DB EBCE 胛   80DC CAA4 胜   80DD EBD5 胝   80DE B0FB 胞   80E1 BAFA 胡
80E4 D8B7 胤   80E5 F1E3 胥   80E7 EBCA 胧   80E8 EBCB 胨   80E9 EBCC 胩
80EA EBCD 胪   80EB EBD6 胫   80EC E6C0 胬   80ED EBD9 胭   80EF BFE8 胯
80F0 D2C8 胰   80F1 EBD7 胱   80F2 EBDC 胲   80F3 B8EC 胳   80F4 EBD8 胴
80F6 BDBA 胶   80F8 D0D8 胸   80FA B0B7 胺   80FC EBDD 胼   80FD C4DC 能
8102 D6AC 脂   8106 B4E0 脆   8109 C2F6 脉   810A BCB9 脊   810D EBDA 脍
810E EBDB 脎   810F D4E0 脏   8110 C6EA 脐   8111 C4D4 脑   8112 EBDF 脒
8113 C5A7 脓   8114 D9F5 脔   8116 B2B1 脖   8118 EBE4 脘   811A BDC5 脚
811E EBE2 脞   812C EBE3 脬   812F B8AC 脯   8131 CDD1 脱   8132 EBE5 脲
8136 EBE1 脶   8138 C1B3 脸   813E C6A2 脾   8146 CCF3 腆   8148 EBE6 腈
814A C0B0 腊   814B D2B8 腋   814C EBE7 腌   8150 B8AF 腐   8151 B8AD 腑
8153 EBE8 腓   8154 C7BB 腔   8155 CDF3 腕   8159 EBEA 腙   815A EBEB 腚
8160 EBED 腠   8165 D0C8 腥   8167 EBF2 腧   8169 EBEE 腩   816D EBF1 腭
816E C8F9 腮   8170 D1FC 腰   8171 EBEC 腱   8174 EBE9 腴   8179 B8B9 腹
817A CFD9 腺   817B C4E5 腻   817C EBEF 腼   817D EBF0 腽   817E CCDA 腾
817F CDC8 腿   8180 B0F2 膀   8182 EBF6 膂   8188 EBF5 膈   818A B2B2 膊
818F B8E0 膏   8191 EBF7 膑   8198 B1EC 膘   819B CCC5 膛   819C C4A4 膜
819D CFA5 膝   81A3 EBF9 膣   81A6 ECA2 膦   81A8 C5F2 膨   81AA EBFA 膪
81B3 C9C5 膳   81BA E2DF 膺   81BB EBFE 膻   81C0 CDCE 臀   81C1 ECA1 臁
81C2 B1DB 臂   81C3 D3B7 臃   81C6 D2DC 臆   81CA EBFD 臊   81CC EBFB 臌
81E3 B3BC 臣   81E7 EAB0 臧   81EA D7D4 自   81EC F4AB 臬   81ED B3F4 臭
81F3 D6C1 至   81F4 D6C2 致   81FB D5E9 臻   81FC BECA 臼   81FE F4A7 臾
8200 D2A8 舀   8201 F4A8 舁   8202 F4A9 舂   8204 F4AA 舄   8205 BECB 舅
8206 D3DF 舆   820C C9E0 舌   820D C9E1 舍   8210 F3C2 舐   8212 CAE6 舒
8214 CCF2 舔   821B E2B6 舛   821C CBB4 舜   821E CEE8 舞   821F D6DB 舟
8221 F4AD 舡   8222 F4AE 舢   8223 F4AF 舣   8228 F4B2 舨   822A BABD 航
822B F4B3 舫   822C B0E3 般   822D F4B0 舭   822F F4B1 舯   8230 BDA2 舰
8231 B2D5 舱   8233 F4B6 舳   8234 F4B7 舴   8235 B6E6 舵   8236 B2B0 舶
8237 CFCF 舷   8238 F4B4 舸   8239 B4AC 船   823B F4B5 舻   823E F4B8 舾
8244 F4B9 艄   8247 CDA7 艇   8249 F4BA 艉   824B F4BB 艋   824F F4BC 艏
8258 CBD2 艘   825A F4BD 艚   825F F4BE 艟   8268 F4BF 艨   826E F4DE 艮
826F C1BC 良   8270 BCE8 艰   8272 C9AB 色   8273 D1DE 艳   8274 E5F5 艴
8279 DCB3 艹   827A D2D5 艺   827D DCB4 艽   827E B0AC 艾   827F DCB5 艿
8282 BDDA 节   8284 DCB9 芄   8288 D8C2 芈   828A DCB7 芊   828B D3F3 芋

This mapping table was generated by my Java program: UnicodeGB2312.java. GB2312 Native Codes in the third column are converted to Web page encoding to display Chinese glyphs.

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