Unicode to GB2312 - Part 22: 0x828D to 0x84CA

Unicode to GB2312 code mapping is provided for GB2312 character set - Part 22: Unicode 0x828D to 0x84CA.

Part 22: Unicode 0x828D to 0x84CA

Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB    

828D C9D6 芍   828E DCBA 芎   828F DCB6 芏   8291 DCBB 芑   8292 C3A2 芒
8297 DCBC 芗   8298 DCC5 芘   8299 DCBD 芙   829C CEDF 芜   829D D6A5 芝
829F DCCF 芟   82A1 DCCD 芡   82A4 DCD2 芤   82A5 BDE6 芥   82A6 C2AB 芦
82A8 DCB8 芨   82A9 DCCB 芩   82AA DCCE 芪   82AB DCBE 芫   82AC B7D2 芬
82AD B0C5 芭   82AE DCC7 芮   82AF D0BE 芯   82B0 DCC1 芰   82B1 BBA8 花
82B3 B7BC 芳   82B4 DCCC 芴   82B7 DCC6 芷   82B8 DCBF 芸   82B9 C7DB 芹
82BD D1BF 芽   82BE DCC0 芾   82C1 DCCA 苁   82C4 DCD0 苄   82C7 CEAD 苇
82C8 DCC2 苈   82CA DCC3 苊   82CB DCC8 苋   82CC DCC9 苌   82CD B2D4 苍
82CE DCD1 苎   82CF CBD5 苏   82D1 D4B7 苑   82D2 DCDB 苒   82D3 DCDF 苓
82D4 CCA6 苔   82D5 DCE6 苕   82D7 C3E7 苗   82D8 DCDC 苘   82DB BFC1 苛
82DC DCD9 苜   82DE B0FA 苞   82DF B9B6 苟   82E0 DCE5 苠   82E1 DCD3 苡
82E3 DCC4 苣   82E4 DCD6 苤   82E5 C8F4 若   82E6 BFE0 苦   82EB C9BB 苫
82EF B1BD 苯   82F1 D3A2 英   82F4 DCDA 苴   82F7 DCD5 苷   82F9 C6BB 苹
82FB DCDE 苻   8301 D7C2 茁   8302 C3AF 茂   8303 B7B6 范   8304 C7D1 茄
8305 C3A9 茅   8306 DCE2 茆   8307 DCD8 茇   8308 DCEB 茈   8309 DCD4 茉
830C DCDD 茌   830E BEA5 茎   830F DCD7 茏   8311 DCE0 茑   8314 DCE3 茔
8315 DCE4 茕   8317 DCF8 茗   831A DCE1 茚   831B DDA2 茛   831C DCE7 茜
8327 BCEB 茧   8328 B4C4 茨   832B C3A3 茫   832C B2E7 茬   832D DCFA 茭
832F DCF2 茯   8331 DCEF 茱   8333 DCFC 茳   8334 DCEE 茴   8335 D2F0 茵
8336 B2E8 茶   8338 C8D7 茸   8339 C8E3 茹   833A DCFB 茺   833C DCED 茼
8340 DCF7 荀   8343 DCF5 荃   8346 BEA3 荆   8347 DCF4 荇   8349 B2DD 草
834F DCF3 荏   8350 BCF6 荐   8351 DCE8 荑   8352 BBC4 荒   8354 C0F3 荔
835A BCD4 荚   835B DCE9 荛   835C DCEA 荜   835E DCF1 荞   835F DCF6 荟
8360 DCF9 荠   8361 B5B4 荡   8363 C8D9 荣   8364 BBE7 荤   8365 DCFE 荥
8366 DCFD 荦   8367 D3AB 荧   8368 DDA1 荨   8369 DDA3 荩   836A DDA5 荪
836B D2F1 荫   836C DDA4 荬   836D DDA6 荭   836E DDA7 荮   836F D2A9 药
8377 BAC9 荷   8378 DDA9 荸   837B DDB6 荻   837C DDB1 荼   837D DDB4 荽
8385 DDB0 莅   8386 C6CE 莆   8389 C0F2 莉   838E C9AF 莎   8392 DCEC 莒
8393 DDAE 莓   8398 DDB7 莘   839B DCF0 莛   839C DDAF 莜   839E DDB8 莞
83A0 DDAC 莠   83A8 DDB9 莨   83A9 DDB3 莩   83AA DDAD 莪   83AB C4AA 莫
83B0 DDA8 莰   83B1 C0B3 莱   83B2 C1AB 莲   83B3 DDAA 莳   83B4 DDAB 莴
83B6 DDB2 莶   83B7 BBF1 获   83B8 DDB5 莸   83B9 D3A8 莹   83BA DDBA 莺
83BC DDBB 莼   83BD C3A7 莽   83C0 DDD2 菀   83C1 DDBC 菁   83C5 DDD1 菅
83C7 B9BD 菇   83CA BED5 菊   83CC BEFA 菌   83CF BACA 菏   83D4 DDCA 菔
83D6 DDC5 菖   83D8 DDBF 菘   83DC B2CB 菜   83DD DDC3 菝   83DF DDCB 菟
83E0 B2A4 菠   83E1 DDD5 菡   83E5 DDBE 菥   83E9 C6D0 菩   83EA DDD0 菪
83F0 DDD4 菰   83F1 C1E2 菱   83F2 B7C6 菲   83F8 DDCE 菸   83F9 DDCF 菹
83FD DDC4 菽   8401 DDBD 萁   8403 DDCD 萃   8404 CCD1 萄   8406 DDC9 萆
840B DDC2 萋   840C C3C8 萌   840D C6BC 萍   840E CEAE 萎   840F DDCC 萏
8411 DDC8 萑   8418 DDC1 萘   841C DDC6 萜   841D C2DC 萝   8424 D3A9 萤
8425 D3AA 营   8426 DDD3 萦   8427 CFF4 萧   8428 C8F8 萨   8431 DDE6 萱
8438 DDC7 萸   843C DDE0 萼   843D C2E4 落   8446 DDE1 葆   8451 DDD7 葑
8457 D6F8 著   8459 DDD9 葙   845A DDD8 葚   845B B8F0 葛   845C DDD6 葜
8461 C6CF 葡   8463 B6AD 董   8469 DDE2 葩   846B BAF9 葫   846C D4E1 葬
846D DDE7 葭   8471 B4D0 葱   8473 DDDA 葳   8475 BFFB 葵   8476 DDE3 葶
8478 DDDF 葸   847A DDDD 葺   8482 B5D9 蒂   8487 DDDB 蒇   8488 DDDC 蒈
8489 DDDE 蒉   848B BDAF 蒋   848C DDE4 蒌   848E DDE5 蒎   8497 DDF5 蒗
8499 C3C9 蒙   849C CBE2 蒜   84A1 DDF2 蒡   84AF D8E1 蒯   84B2 C6D1 蒲
84B4 DDF4 蒴   84B8 D5F4 蒸   84B9 DDF3 蒹   84BA DDF0 蒺   84BD DDEC 蒽
84BF DDEF 蒿   84C1 DDE8 蓁   84C4 D0EE 蓄   84C9 C8D8 蓉   84CA DDEE 蓊

This mapping table was generated by my Java program: UnicodeGB2312.java. GB2312 Native Codes in the third column are converted to Web page encoding to display Chinese glyphs.

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