Unicode to GB2312 - Part 27: 0x91BA to 0x95F2

Unicode to GB2312 code mapping is provided for GB2312 character set - Part 27: Unicode 0x91BA to 0x95F2.

Part 27: Unicode 0x91BA to 0x95F2

Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB    

91BA F5B8 醺   91C7 B2C9 采   91C9 D3D4 釉   91CA CACD 释   91CC C0EF 里
91CD D6D8 重   91CE D2B0 野   91CF C1BF 量   91D1 BDF0 金   91DC B8AA 釜
9274 BCF8 鉴   928E F6C6 銎   92AE F6C7 銮   92C8 F6C8 鋈   933E F6C9 錾
936A F6CA 鍪   938F F6CC 鎏   93CA F6CB 鏊   93D6 F7E9 鏖   943E F6CD 鐾
946B F6CE 鑫   9485 EEC4 钅   9486 EEC5 钆   9487 EEC6 钇   9488 D5EB 针
9489 B6A4 钉   948A EEC8 钊   948B EEC7 钋   948C EEC9 钌   948D EECA 钍
948E C7A5 钎   948F EECB 钏   9490 EECC 钐   9492 B7B0 钒   9493 B5F6 钓
9494 EECD 钔   9495 EECF 钕   9497 EECE 钗   9499 B8C6 钙   949A EED0 钚
949B EED1 钛   949C EED2 钜   949D B6DB 钝   949E B3AE 钞   949F D6D3 钟
94A0 C4C6 钠   94A1 B1B5 钡   94A2 B8D6 钢   94A3 EED3 钣   94A4 EED4 钤
94A5 D4BF 钥   94A6 C7D5 钦   94A7 BEFB 钧   94A8 CED9 钨   94A9 B9B3 钩
94AA EED6 钪   94AB EED5 钫   94AC EED8 钬   94AD EED7 钭   94AE C5A5 钮
94AF EED9 钯   94B0 EEDA 钰   94B1 C7AE 钱   94B2 EEDB 钲   94B3 C7AF 钳
94B4 EEDC 钴   94B5 B2A7 钵   94B6 EEDD 钶   94B7 EEDE 钷   94B8 EEDF 钸
94B9 EEE0 钹   94BA EEE1 钺   94BB D7EA 钻   94BC EEE2 钼   94BD EEE3 钽
94BE BCD8 钾   94BF EEE4 钿   94C0 D3CB 铀   94C1 CCFA 铁   94C2 B2AC 铂
94C3 C1E5 铃   94C4 EEE5 铄   94C5 C7A6 铅   94C6 C3AD 铆   94C8 EEE6 铈
94C9 EEE7 铉   94CA EEE8 铊   94CB EEE9 铋   94CC EEEA 铌   94CD EEEB 铍
94CE EEEC 铎   94D0 EEED 铐   94D1 EEEE 铑   94D2 EEEF 铒   94D5 EEF0 铕
94D6 EEF1 铖   94D7 EEF2 铗   94D8 EEF4 铘   94D9 EEF3 铙   94DB EEF5 铛
94DC CDAD 铜   94DD C2C1 铝   94DE EEF6 铞   94DF EEF7 铟   94E0 EEF8 铠
94E1 D5A1 铡   94E2 EEF9 铢   94E3 CFB3 铣   94E4 EEFA 铤   94E5 EEFB 铥
94E7 EEFC 铧   94E8 EEFD 铨   94E9 EFA1 铩   94EA EEFE 铪   94EB EFA2 铫
94EC B8F5 铬   94ED C3FA 铭   94EE EFA3 铮   94EF EFA4 铯   94F0 BDC2 铰
94F1 D2BF 铱   94F2 B2F9 铲   94F3 EFA5 铳   94F4 EFA6 铴   94F5 EFA7 铵
94F6 D2F8 银   94F7 EFA8 铷   94F8 D6FD 铸   94F9 EFA9 铹   94FA C6CC 铺
94FC EFAA 铼   94FD EFAB 铽   94FE C1B4 链   94FF EFAC 铿   9500 CFFA 销
9501 CBF8 锁   9502 EFAE 锂   9503 EFAD 锃   9504 B3FA 锄   9505 B9F8 锅
9506 EFAF 锆   9507 EFB0 锇   9508 D0E2 锈   9509 EFB1 锉   950A EFB2 锊
950B B7E6 锋   950C D0BF 锌   950D EFB3 锍   950E EFB4 锎   950F EFB5 锏
9510 C8F1 锐   9511 CCE0 锑   9512 EFB6 锒   9513 EFB7 锓   9514 EFB8 锔
9515 EFB9 锕   9516 EFBA 锖   9517 D5E0 锗   9518 EFBB 锘   9519 B4ED 错
951A C3AA 锚   951B EFBC 锛   951D EFBD 锝   951E EFBE 锞   951F EFBF 锟
9521 CEFD 锡   9522 EFC0 锢   9523 C2E0 锣   9524 B4B8 锤   9525 D7B6 锥
9526 BDF5 锦   9528 CFC7 锨   9529 EFC3 锩   952A EFC1 锪   952B EFC2 锫
952C EFC4 锬   952D B6A7 锭   952E BCFC 键   952F BEE2 锯   9530 C3CC 锰
9531 EFC5 锱   9532 EFC6 锲   9534 EFC7 锴   9535 EFCF 锵   9536 EFC8 锶
9537 EFC9 锷   9538 EFCA 锸   9539 C7C2 锹   953A EFF1 锺   953B B6CD 锻
953C EFCB 锼   953E EFCC 锾   953F EFCD 锿   9540 B6C6 镀   9541 C3BE 镁
9542 EFCE 镂   9544 EFD0 镄   9545 EFD1 镅   9546 EFD2 镆   9547 D5F2 镇
9549 EFD3 镉   954A C4F7 镊   954C EFD4 镌   954D C4F8 镍   954E EFD5 镎
954F EFD6 镏   9550 B8E4 镐   9551 B0F7 镑   9552 EFD7 镒   9553 EFD8 镓
9554 EFD9 镔   9556 EFDA 镖   9557 EFDB 镗   9558 EFDC 镘   9559 EFDD 镙
955B EFDE 镛   955C BEB5 镜   955D EFE1 镝   955E EFDF 镞   955F EFE0 镟
9561 EFE2 镡   9562 EFE3 镢   9563 C1CD 镣   9564 EFE4 镤   9565 EFE5 镥
9566 EFE6 镦   9567 EFE7 镧   9568 EFE8 镨   9569 EFE9 镩   956A EFEA 镪
956B EFEB 镫   956C EFEC 镬   956D C0D8 镭   956F EFED 镯   9570 C1AD 镰
9571 EFEE 镱   9572 EFEF 镲   9573 EFF0 镳   9576 CFE2 镶   957F B3A4 长
95E8 C3C5 门   95E9 E3C5 闩   95EA C9C1 闪   95EB E3C6 闫   95ED B1D5 闭
95EE CECA 问   95EF B4B3 闯   95F0 C8F2 闰   95F1 E3C7 闱   95F2 CFD0 闲

This mapping table was generated by my Java program: UnicodeGB2312.java. GB2312 Native Codes in the third column are converted to Web page encoding to display Chinese glyphs.

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