Unicode to GB2312 - Part 28: 0x95F3 to 0x9967

Unicode to GB2312 code mapping is provided for GB2312 character set - Part 28: Unicode 0x95F3 to 0x9967.

Part 28: Unicode 0x95F3 to 0x9967

Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB    

95F3 E3C8 闳   95F4 BCE4 间   95F5 E3C9 闵   95F6 E3CA 闶   95F7 C3C6 闷
95F8 D5A2 闸   95F9 C4D6 闹   95FA B9EB 闺   95FB CEC5 闻   95FC E3CB 闼
95FD C3F6 闽   95FE E3CC 闾   9600 B7A7 阀   9601 B8F3 阁   9602 BAD2 阂
9603 E3CD 阃   9604 E3CE 阄   9605 D4C4 阅   9606 E3CF 阆   9608 E3D0 阈
9609 D1CB 阉   960A E3D1 阊   960B E3D2 阋   960C E3D3 阌   960D E3D4 阍
960E D1D6 阎   960F E3D5 阏   9610 B2FB 阐   9611 C0BB 阑   9612 E3D6 阒
9614 C0AB 阔   9615 E3D7 阕   9616 E3D8 阖   9617 E3D9 阗   9619 E3DA 阙
961A E3DB 阚   961C B8B7 阜   961D DAE2 阝   961F B6D3 队   9621 DAE4 阡
9622 DAE3 阢   962A DAE6 阪   962E C8EE 阮   9631 DAE5 阱   9632 B7C0 防
9633 D1F4 阳   9634 D2F5 阴   9635 D5F3 阵   9636 BDD7 阶   963B D7E8 阻
963C DAE8 阼   963D DAE7 阽   963F B0A2 阿   9640 CDD3 陀   9642 DAE9 陂
9644 B8BD 附   9645 BCCA 际   9646 C2BD 陆   9647 C2A4 陇   9648 B3C2 陈
9649 DAEA 陉   964B C2AA 陋   964C C4B0 陌   964D BDB5 降   9650 CFDE 限
9654 DAEB 陔   9655 C9C2 陕   965B B1DD 陛   965F DAEC 陟   9661 B6B8 陡
9662 D4BA 院   9664 B3FD 除   9667 DAED 陧   9668 D4C9 陨   9669 CFD5 险
966A C5E3 陪   966C DAEE 陬   9672 DAEF 陲   9674 DAF0 陴   9675 C1EA 陵
9676 CCD5 陶   9677 CFDD 陷   9685 D3E7 隅   9686 C2A1 隆   9688 DAF1 隈
968B CBE5 隋   968D DAF2 隍   968F CBE6 随   9690 D2FE 隐   9694 B8F4 隔
9697 DAF3 隗   9698 B0AF 隘   9699 CFB6 隙   969C D5CF 障   96A7 CBED 隧
96B0 DAF4 隰   96B3 E3C4 隳   96B6 C1A5 隶   96B9 F6BF 隹   96BC F6C0 隼
96BD F6C1 隽   96BE C4D1 难   96C0 C8B8 雀   96C1 D1E3 雁   96C4 D0DB 雄
96C5 D1C5 雅   96C6 BCAF 集   96C7 B9CD 雇   96C9 EFF4 雉   96CC B4C6 雌
96CD D3BA 雍   96CE F6C2 雎   96CF B3FB 雏   96D2 F6C3 雒   96D5 B5F1 雕
96E0 F6C5 雠   96E8 D3EA 雨   96E9 F6A7 雩   96EA D1A9 雪   96EF F6A9 雯
96F3 F6A8 雳   96F6 C1E3 零   96F7 C0D7 雷   96F9 B1A2 雹   96FE CEED 雾
9700 D0E8 需   9701 F6AB 霁   9704 CFF6 霄   9706 F6AA 霆   9707 D5F0 震
9708 F6AC 霈   9709 C3B9 霉   970D BBF4 霍   970E F6AE 霎   970F F6AD 霏
9713 C4DE 霓   9716 C1D8 霖   971C CBAA 霜   971E CFBC 霞   972A F6AF 霪
972D F6B0 霭   9730 F6B1 霰   9732 C2B6 露   9738 B0D4 霸   9739 C5F9 霹
973E F6B2 霾   9752 C7E0 青   9753 F6A6 靓   9756 BEB8 靖   9759 BEB2 静
975B B5E5 靛   975E B7C7 非   9760 BFBF 靠   9761 C3D2 靡   9762 C3E6 面
9765 D8CC 靥   9769 B8EF 革   9773 BDF9 靳   9774 D1A5 靴   9776 B0D0 靶
977C F7B0 靼   9785 F7B1 鞅   978B D0AC 鞋   978D B0B0 鞍   9791 F7B2 鞑
9792 F7B3 鞒   9794 F7B4 鞔   9798 C7CA 鞘   97A0 BECF 鞠   97A3 F7B7 鞣
97AB F7B6 鞫   97AD B1DE 鞭   97AF F7B5 鞯   97B2 F7B8 鞲   97B4 F7B9 鞴
97E6 CEA4 韦   97E7 C8CD 韧   97E9 BAAB 韩   97EA E8B8 韪   97EB E8B9 韫
97EC E8BA 韬   97ED BEC2 韭   97F3 D2F4 音   97F5 D4CF 韵   97F6 C9D8 韶
9875 D2B3 页   9876 B6A5 顶   9877 C7EA 顷   9878 F1FC 顸   9879 CFEE 项
987A CBB3 顺   987B D0EB 须   987C E7EF 顼   987D CDE7 顽   987E B9CB 顾
987F B6D9 顿   9880 F1FD 颀   9881 B0E4 颁   9882 CBCC 颂   9883 F1FE 颃
9884 D4A4 预   9885 C2AD 颅   9886 C1EC 领   9887 C6C4 颇   9888 BEB1 颈
9889 F2A1 颉   988A BCD5 颊   988C F2A2 颌   988D F2A3 颍   988F F2A4 颏
9890 D2C3 颐   9891 C6B5 频   9893 CDC7 颓   9894 F2A5 颔   9896 D3B1 颖
9897 BFC5 颗   9898 CCE2 题   989A F2A6 颚   989B F2A7 颛   989C D1D5 颜
989D B6EE 额   989E F2A8 颞   989F F2A9 颟   98A0 B5DF 颠   98A1 F2AA 颡
98A2 F2AB 颢   98A4 B2FC 颤   98A5 F2AC 颥   98A6 F2AD 颦   98A7 C8A7 颧
98CE B7E7 风   98D1 ECA9 飑   98D2 ECAA 飒   98D3 ECAB 飓   98D5 ECAC 飕
98D8 C6AE 飘   98D9 ECAD 飙   98DA ECAE 飚   98DE B7C9 飞   98DF CAB3 食
98E7 E2B8 飧   98E8 F7CF 飨   990D F7D0 餍   9910 B2CD 餐   992E F7D1 餮
9954 F7D3 饔   9955 F7D2 饕   9963 E2BB 饣   9965 BCA2 饥   9967 E2BC 饧

This mapping table was generated by my Java program: UnicodeGB2312.java. GB2312 Native Codes in the third column are converted to Web page encoding to display Chinese glyphs.

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