Unicode to GB2312 - Part 23: 0x84CD to 0x8857

Unicode to GB2312 code mapping is provided for GB2312 character set - Part 23: Unicode 0x84CD to 0x8857.

Part 23: Unicode 0x84CD to 0x8857

Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB    

84CD DDE9 蓍   84D0 DDEA 蓐   84D1 CBF2 蓑   84D3 DDED 蓓   84D6 B1CD 蓖
84DD C0B6 蓝   84DF BCBB 蓟   84E0 DDF1 蓠   84E3 DDF7 蓣   84E5 DDF6 蓥
84E6 DDEB 蓦   84EC C5EE 蓬   84F0 DDFB 蓰   84FC DEA4 蓼   84FF DEA3 蓿
850C DDF8 蔌   8511 C3EF 蔑   8513 C2FB 蔓   8517 D5E1 蔗   851A CEB5 蔚
851F DDFD 蔟   8521 B2CC 蔡   852B C4E8 蔫   852C CADF 蔬   8537 C7BE 蔷
8538 DDFA 蔸   8539 DDFC 蔹   853A DDFE 蔺   853B DEA2 蔻   853C B0AA 蔼
853D B1CE 蔽   8543 DEAC 蕃   8548 DEA6 蕈   8549 BDB6 蕉   854A C8EF 蕊
8556 DEA1 蕖   8559 DEA5 蕙   855E DEA9 蕞   8564 DEA8 蕤   8568 DEA7 蕨
8572 DEAD 蕲   8574 D4CC 蕴   8579 DEB3 蕹   857A DEAA 蕺   857B DEAE 蕻
857E C0D9 蕾   8584 B1A1 薄   8585 DEB6 薅   8587 DEB1 薇   858F DEB2 薏
859B D1A6 薛   859C DEB5 薜   85A4 DEAF 薤   85A8 DEB0 薨   85AA D0BD 薪
85AE DEB4 薮   85AF CAED 薯   85B0 DEB9 薰   85B7 DEB8 薷   85B9 DEB7 薹
85C1 DEBB 藁   85C9 BDE5 藉   85CF B2D8 藏   85D0 C3EA 藐   85D3 DEBA 藓
85D5 C5BA 藕   85DC DEBC 藜   85E4 CCD9 藤   85E9 B7AA 藩   85FB D4E5 藻
85FF DEBD 藿   8605 DEBF 蘅   8611 C4A2 蘑   8616 DEC1 蘖   8627 DEBE 蘧
8629 DEC0 蘩   8638 D5BA 蘸   863C DEC2 蘼   864D F2AE 虍   864E BBA2 虎
864F C2B2 虏   8650 C5B0 虐   8651 C2C7 虑   8654 F2AF 虔   865A D0E9 虚
865E D3DD 虞   8662 EBBD 虢   866B B3E6 虫   866C F2B0 虬   866E F2B1 虮
8671 CAAD 虱   8679 BAE7 虹   867A F2B3 虺   867B F2B5 虻   867C F2B4 虼
867D CBE4 虽   867E CFBA 虾   867F F2B2 虿   8680 CAB4 蚀   8681 D2CF 蚁
8682 C2EC 蚂   868A CEC3 蚊   868B F2B8 蚋   868C B0F6 蚌   868D F2B7 蚍
8693 F2BE 蚓   8695 B2CF 蚕   869C D1C1 蚜   869D F2BA 蚝   86A3 F2BC 蚣
86A4 D4E9 蚤   86A7 F2BB 蚧   86A8 F2B6 蚨   86A9 F2BF 蚩   86AA F2BD 蚪
86AC F2B9 蚬   86AF F2C7 蚯   86B0 F2C4 蚰   86B1 F2C6 蚱   86B4 F2CA 蚴
86B5 F2C2 蚵   86B6 F2C0 蚶   86BA F2C5 蚺   86C0 D6FB 蛀   86C4 F2C1 蛄
86C6 C7F9 蛆   86C7 C9DF 蛇   86C9 F2C8 蛉   86CA B9C6 蛊   86CB B5B0 蛋
86CE F2C3 蛎   86CF F2C9 蛏   86D0 F2D0 蛐   86D1 F2D6 蛑   86D4 BBD7 蛔
86D8 F2D5 蛘   86D9 CDDC 蛙   86DB D6EB 蛛   86DE F2D2 蛞   86DF F2D4 蛟
86E4 B8F2 蛤   86E9 F2CB 蛩   86ED F2CE 蛭   86EE C2F9 蛮   86F0 D5DD 蛰
86F1 F2CC 蛱   86F2 F2CD 蛲   86F3 F2CF 蛳   86F4 F2D3 蛴   86F8 F2D9 蛸
86F9 D3BC 蛹   86FE B6EA 蛾   8700 CAF1 蜀   8702 B7E4 蜂   8703 F2D7 蜃
8707 F2D8 蜇   8708 F2DA 蜈   8709 F2DD 蜉   870A F2DB 蜊   870D F2DC 蜍
8712 D1D1 蜒   8713 F2D1 蜓   8715 CDC9 蜕   8717 CECF 蜗   8718 D6A9 蜘
871A F2E3 蜚   871C C3DB 蜜   871E F2E0 蜞   8721 C0AF 蜡   8722 F2EC 蜢
8723 F2DE 蜣   8725 F2E1 蜥   8729 F2E8 蜩   872E F2E2 蜮   8731 F2E7 蜱
8734 F2E6 蜴   8737 F2E9 蜷   873B F2DF 蜻   873E F2E4 蜾   873F F2EA 蜿
8747 D3AC 蝇   8748 F2E5 蝈   8749 B2F5 蝉   874C F2F2 蝌   874E D0AB 蝎
8753 F2F5 蝓   8757 BBC8 蝗   8759 F2F9 蝙   8760 F2F0 蝠   8763 F2F6 蝣
8764 F2F8 蝤   8765 F2FA 蝥   876E F2F3 蝮   8770 F2F1 蝰   8774 BAFB 蝴
8776 B5FB 蝶   877B F2EF 蝻   877C F2F7 蝼   877D F2ED 蝽   877E F2EE 蝾
8782 F2EB 螂   8783 F3A6 螃   8785 F3A3 螅   8788 F3A2 螈   878B F2F4 螋
878D C8DA 融   8793 F2FB 螓   8797 F3A5 螗   879F C3F8 螟   87A8 F2FD 螨
87AB F3A7 螫   87AC F3A9 螬   87AD F3A4 螭   87AF F2FC 螯   87B3 F3AB 螳
87B5 F3AA 螵   87BA C2DD 螺   87BD F3AE 螽   87C0 F3B0 蟀   87C6 F3A1 蟆
87CA F3B1 蟊   87CB F3AC 蟋   87D1 F3AF 蟑   87D2 F2FE 蟒   87D3 F3AD 蟓
87DB F3B2 蟛   87E0 F3B4 蟠   87E5 F3A8 蟥   87EA F3B3 蟪   87EE F3B5 蟮
87F9 D0B7 蟹   87FE F3B8 蟾   8803 D9F9 蠃   880A F3B9 蠊   8813 F3B7 蠓
8815 C8E4 蠕   8816 F3B6 蠖   881B F3BA 蠛   8821 F3BB 蠡   8822 B4C0 蠢
8832 EEC3 蠲   8839 F3BC 蠹   883C F3BD 蠼   8840 D1AA 血   8844 F4AC 衄
8845 D0C6 衅   884C D0D0 行   884D D1DC 衍   8854 CFCE 衔   8857 BDD6 街

This mapping table was generated by my Java program: UnicodeGB2312.java. GB2312 Native Codes in the third column are converted to Web page encoding to display Chinese glyphs.

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