Unicode to GB2312 - Part 26: 0x8F85 to 0x91B5

Unicode to GB2312 code mapping is provided for GB2312 character set - Part 26: Unicode 0x8F85 to 0x91B5.

Part 26: Unicode 0x8F85 to 0x91B5

Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB       Uni. GB    

8F85 B8A8 辅   8F86 C1BE 辆   8F87 E9FD 辇   8F88 B1B2 辈   8F89 BBD4 辉
8F8A B9F5 辊   8F8B E9FE 辋   8F8D EAA1 辍   8F8E EAA2 辎   8F8F EAA3 辏
8F90 B7F8 辐   8F91 BCAD 辑   8F93 CAE4 输   8F94 E0CE 辔   8F95 D4AF 辕
8F96 CFBD 辖   8F97 D5B7 辗   8F98 EAA4 辘   8F99 D5DE 辙   8F9A EAA5 辚
8F9B D0C1 辛   8F9C B9BC 辜   8F9E B4C7 辞   8F9F B1D9 辟   8FA3 C0B1 辣
8FA8 B1E6 辨   8FA9 B1E7 辩   8FAB B1E8 辫   8FB0 B3BD 辰   8FB1 C8E8 辱
8FB6 E5C1 辶   8FB9 B1DF 边   8FBD C1C9 辽   8FBE B4EF 达   8FC1 C7A8 迁
8FC2 D3D8 迂   8FC4 C6F9 迄   8FC5 D1B8 迅   8FC7 B9FD 过   8FC8 C2F5 迈
8FCE D3AD 迎   8FD0 D4CB 运   8FD1 BDFC 近   8FD3 E5C2 迓   8FD4 B7B5 返
8FD5 E5C3 迕   8FD8 BBB9 还   8FD9 D5E2 这   8FDB BDF8 进   8FDC D4B6 远
8FDD CEA5 违   8FDE C1AC 连   8FDF B3D9 迟   8FE2 CCF6 迢   8FE4 E5C6 迤
8FE5 E5C4 迥   8FE6 E5C8 迦   8FE8 E5CA 迨   8FE9 E5C7 迩   8FEA B5CF 迪
8FEB C6C8 迫   8FED B5FC 迭   8FEE E5C5 迮   8FF0 CAF6 述   8FF3 E5C9 迳
8FF7 C3D4 迷   8FF8 B1C5 迸   8FF9 BCA3 迹   8FFD D7B7 追   9000 CDCB 退
9001 CBCD 送   9002 CACA 适   9003 CCD3 逃   9004 E5CC 逄   9005 E5CB 逅
9006 C4E6 逆   9009 D1A1 选   900A D1B7 逊   900B E5CD 逋   900D E5D0 逍
900F CDB8 透   9010 D6F0 逐   9011 E5CF 逑   9012 B5DD 递   9014 CDBE 途
9016 E5D1 逖   9017 B6BA 逗   901A CDA8 通   901B B9E4 逛   901D CAC5 逝
901E B3D1 逞   901F CBD9 速   9020 D4EC 造   9021 E5D2 逡   9022 B7EA 逢
9026 E5CE 逦   902D E5D5 逭   902E B4FE 逮   902F E5D6 逯   9035 E5D3 逵
9036 E5D4 逶   9038 D2DD 逸   903B C2DF 逻   903C B1C6 逼   903E D3E2 逾
9041 B6DD 遁   9042 CBEC 遂   9044 E5D7 遄   9047 D3F6 遇   904D B1E9 遍
904F B6F4 遏   9050 E5DA 遐   9051 E5D8 遑   9052 E5D9 遒   9053 B5C0 道
9057 D2C5 遗   9058 E5DC 遘   905B E5DE 遛   9062 E5DD 遢   9063 C7B2 遣
9065 D2A3 遥   9068 E5DB 遨   906D D4E2 遭   906E D5DA 遮   9074 E5E0 遴
9075 D7F1 遵   907D E5E1 遽   907F B1DC 避   9080 D1FB 邀   9082 E5E2 邂
9083 E5E4 邃   9088 E5E3 邈   908B E5E5 邋   9091 D2D8 邑   9093 B5CB 邓
9095 E7DF 邕   9097 DAF5 邗   9099 DAF8 邙   909B DAF6 邛   909D DAF7 邝
90A1 DAFA 邡   90A2 D0CF 邢   90A3 C4C7 那   90A6 B0EE 邦   90AA D0B0 邪
90AC DAF9 邬   90AE D3CA 邮   90AF BAAA 邯   90B0 DBA2 邰   90B1 C7F1 邱
90B3 DAFC 邳   90B4 DAFB 邴   90B5 C9DB 邵   90B6 DAFD 邶   90B8 DBA1 邸
90B9 D7DE 邹   90BA DAFE 邺   90BB C1DA 邻   90BE DBA5 邾   90C1 D3F4 郁
90C4 DBA7 郄   90C5 DBA4 郅   90C7 DBA8 郇   90CA BDBC 郊   90CE C0C9 郎
90CF DBA3 郏   90D0 DBA6 郐   90D1 D6A3 郑   90D3 DBA9 郓   90D7 DBAD 郗
90DB DBAE 郛   90DC DBAC 郜   90DD BAC2 郝   90E1 BFA4 郡   90E2 DBAB 郢
90E6 DBAA 郦   90E7 D4C7 郧   90E8 B2BF 部   90EB DBAF 郫   90ED B9F9 郭
90EF DBB0 郯   90F4 B3BB 郴   90F8 B5A6 郸   90FD B6BC 都   90FE DBB1 郾
9102 B6F5 鄂   9104 DBB2 鄄   9119 B1C9 鄙   911E DBB4 鄞   9122 DBB3 鄢
9123 DBB5 鄣   912F DBB7 鄯   9131 DBB6 鄱   9139 DBB8 鄹   9143 DBB9 酃
9146 DBBA 酆   9149 D3CF 酉   914A F4FA 酊   914B C7F5 酋   914C D7C3 酌
914D C5E4 配   914E F4FC 酎   914F F4FD 酏   9150 F4FB 酐   9152 BEC6 酒
9157 D0EF 酗   915A B7D3 酚   915D D4CD 酝   915E CCAA 酞   9161 F5A2 酡
9162 F5A1 酢   9163 BAA8 酣   9164 F4FE 酤   9165 CBD6 酥   9169 F5A4 酩
916A C0D2 酪   916C B3EA 酬   916E CDAA 酮   916F F5A5 酯   9170 F5A3 酰
9171 BDB4 酱   9172 F5A8 酲   9174 F5A9 酴   9175 BDCD 酵   9176 C3B8 酶
9177 BFE1 酷   9178 CBE1 酸   9179 F5AA 酹   917D F5A6 酽   917E F5A7 酾
917F C4F0 酿   9185 F5AC 醅   9187 B4BC 醇   9189 D7ED 醉   918B B4D7 醋
918C F5AB 醌   918D F5AE 醍   9190 F5AD 醐   9191 F5AF 醑   9192 D0D1 醒
919A C3D1 醚   919B C8A9 醛   91A2 F5B0 醢   91A3 F5B1 醣   91AA F5B2 醪
91AD F5B3 醭   91AE F5B4 醮   91AF F5B5 醯   91B4 F5B7 醴   91B5 F5B6 醵

This mapping table was generated by my Java program: UnicodeGB2312.java. GB2312 Native Codes in the third column are converted to Web page encoding to display Chinese glyphs.

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