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Reference Citations This is a collection of reference citations to Herong's tutorial books on the Internet. Updated in 2024 (Version v2.94) with citations added.

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Reference Citations in 2023

setup soap connector for comdata credit card services

Enhancing security using ECC

Configure SOAP web services with Apache Camel

Hybrid Quantum Neural Network for Drug Response Prediction

PHP Soap request failed because of authentication error

Xiazhi (Summer Solstice)

Sonoma Safari Profile share passwords between profiles

Converting compressed WIF to uncompressed WIF

java之如何从 JEditorPane 获取正确的 Unicode 字符串

Reference Citations in 2022

Cryptocurrency - The operational risks of holding crypto

serialVersionUID: Onde vive? Como funciona? Para que serve

A-bit Interference - JSON Web Token

(Java) GC 日志深入解析

رمزنگاری- روشهای متقارن (Cryptography - symmetric methods)

JVM 안에서는 무슨 일이 일어나고 있는가? - Runtime Data Area 편

umjetnih neuronskih mreža na snimkama magnetne rezonance mozga

Python 上 ECDSA 应用简记

Mysterious Company With Government Ties Plays Key Internet Role

Adding X509 Digital Signature to XML Document

Reference Citations in 2021

Opción JVM -Xss: ¿Qué hace exactamente?

如何在windows下安装"The Eric Python IDE"

Button with hexagon shape not recognizing mouse click

PHP的des加密+ECB方式+PKCS5 补齐 Option Behaviour

JVM Run-Time Data Area


java net Chapter 3 Net Working

Encryptions in IRIS

NOTES ON CYBER LAW - Digital Signature and Electronic Signature

javap -s 查看java方法签名

Transport level information does not match

Deep analysis of GC logs - covering CMS, parallel GC, G1, ZGC, openj9


How do I insert a blob in SQL

Hyperbolische Geometrie und Physik - Der Minkowski-Raum

Java casting resulting in run-time error instead of compilation error

Kafka Consumer throwing "OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space" Error on SSL

Character encoding for French Accents

Bitcoin Core wallet spends BTC 0.07!! USD 4000!! to make two small dust sendings

PHP on the fly flush xml to zipfile and push download

java - 访问被拒绝(“”“”“解决”)

Reference Citations in 2020

CMD Prompt is blank, no text



Fragen und Antworten zum TYPO3 Content-Management-System

Sending log to (Garmin Oregon 750)

MCA15 Course Syllabus

Validation of an xml file with production data


Počítačová síť a internet

Locking Rows In MySQL

Crypto (Java Cryptographic Extension)

Resizing Java Internal Frame by its sides on MacOS

ClassNotFoundException com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

Tehnologii Web - securitatea aplicațiilor Web


Option JVM -Xss - Que fait-elle exactement


BOM이없는 UTF-8과 UTF-8의 차이점은 무엇입니까?

Java - 使用Apache POI读取MS-word


Уязвимость в TLS

Reference Citations in 2019

From JDBC to Druid - Using DataSource in Druid

email – Exchange Server Configuration

Chinese Character Encodings (gb2312/Big5/GB2312)

Configurar DataSource JDBC

Java Job Interview - JVM 1

Calculating PI to N places

Signing boot images for Android Verified Boot

Apache Activemq as a broker to communicate with esp32 via MQTT

BOM olmadan UTF-8 ve UTF-8 arasındaki fark nedir?

Java – Not Able to jinfo on Mac OS

Converting String using Float.parseFloat

How to call Http.GetStringAsync with parameter

Adding SVG Images in Rmarkdown

ClassNotFoundException com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

Imaging Audio CDs using the command line


PKCS5 and PKCS7 Paddings

KSA Key Scheduling

Connect ODBC to MS Access

Help with plugins installation

java vm: how to log class unloading

Detecting Encoding from POST Request in PHP

Chinese Calendar for Linux Desktop

Connect to SPOP3 Server using Java (Sockets)

XML Schema - Multiple Root Elements

Reference Citations in 2018

WSDL (วิสเด้าว์) เอกสารส่งข้อมูลของ Web Service (เว็บ เซอร์วิส)

Properly using .bind() in React...

XML 파일 보는 방법

Java Code Examples for java.sql.ResultSet.getAsciiStream()

Optimized Hybrid Security Model using Base 64 Algorithm

Locking Rows In MYSQL

Algoritmat Kriptografike dhe Siguria

C# (CSharp) RSAPublicKey Examples

Google Play Games Services works...

【CTF】SUCTF 2018 部分web writeup

FISCO-BCOS - client.keystore Generation

Secure Hashing Algorithm

DARE Algorithm: A New Security Protocol


Labeless Part 5: Decrypt Strings in Boleto Banking Malware

Agregator internetskih radijskih postaja

openssl 설정 pem 생성 - 프로그래밍 방식으로 SSL 인증서 확인

security - https - java 서버가 tls 1.2 만 받아들이고

WSDL 2.0文档示例

Reference Citations in 2017

curl/openssl configuration for php under windows

[RESOLVED] Corrupt dll

13 Memories Everyone Who Made Mix CDs

System property javax.xml.soap.MessageFactory

Add inline image in Rmarkdown

Enhanced SHA-1 on Parsing Method and Message Digest Formula

DARE Algorithm: A New Security Protocol

WSDL คืออะไร WSDL คือ เอกสารข้อมูลของ web service

Tehnologii Web - securitatea aplicațiilor Web


Nejde se připojit na youtube

SOAP response error to source

Read UTF-8 encoded text content inside table cell

unicode - BOM이없는 UTF-8과 UTF-8의 차이점은 무엇입니까?

Cách để Xem tập tin XML


τεχνολογιών NFC και QR-code σε πλατφόρμες Android

Reference Citations in 2016

Java Server Accepts TLS 1.2 Only

cliente soap java

Android Hints Tweaks and Tips

[Tutorial] - Play HD Videos with ffplay

Comment ouvrir les fichiers XML

Počítačová síť a internet

Deploying Embarcadero Delphi XE7 and C++ Builder XE7 Applications

Change XSD root namespace in BizTalk

Заставить пример java + ssl работать


General Relativity for Laypeople – A First Primer

XML Dynamic Key Encryption Approach

Подключение к MS SQL Server из NetBeans

TCP SSL 서버 성능테스트 관련 질문

Tạo cửa sổ con nằm trong cửa sổ tab chính trong Java

FAQ DMP Compatibilité

How does PHP determine the character encoding in browser POST request data?

Implementing the Information Security using Modified RSA

Recording Video of an Android Device

Getting error for SOAP request "InvalidSecurity: ..."


Finding JNDI/LDAP Connection Security Protocol

how to import x509.pem pk8 file into jks(keystore)

Reference Citations in 2015

SSL/TLS Overview - Change Cipher Spec Protocol

PFX to Java Keystore / Extract private key from Java Keystore

Android talks #08 decompiling android applications

Cpronto 2.5 Administration Guide


Cryptographic Protocols - The Peruvian Coin Flip

How to View XML Files

Bug 378637 - Add support for connecting to HTTP proxy over HTTPS

an information literacy technology for chemistry documents

org.jruby.exceptions.RaiseException: stack level too deep

Another function that helps programmers calculate


Application of the Enhanced SHA-1

New Media Workshop [COMM7200]

Apex Soap call authentication problem

Recording Video of an Android Device

Java HTTPS server code failing

How to Capture Logcat Files Using ADB

Modifying and Recompiling Settings.APK

Reference Citations in 2014 .ReversedLines FileReader

Node.js and openSSL

MD5 算法在 Java 语言

Rpc Encoded requires encodingStyle on body #12

Java 操作 Oracle CLOB 字段

Conjunto de resultados

Java Programming (Course Notes)

How to use nusoap to consume an online webservice?

Wireless Spontaneous Network Creation ...

MySQL prepared statement in Java not returning a value

All chocolatey commands come back as "/c: ..."

Hack Go – generate non-FIPS DSA key parameters...

How to take adb logcat, and store it in system?

Loose Coupling and Substitution Principle ...

Ruby Driver 1.0 for Apache Cassandra Documentation

Reference Citations in 2013

(Android) Getting Current Date and Time

Deatil View with other language

Ordering and Installing SSL

JDK (JBoss/Tomcat) SSL Issue

Web-palveluiden koostaminen: web- ja RESTful-palvelut

Corso di Architetture Orientate ai Servizi

Hardening a SAS Installation on a multi tier installation on Linux

[scala-user] for-loops still not optimized in 2.10?

.bin/.cue - the purpose of .cue?

(horror movie) com.hellogood.eCalendar

Using keytool to convert bks file to p12

Error while using LWP::Socket to send XML Data

jdk 1.7 keytool doesn't save

Distributed Key System Broken Up Over Multiple Nodes

Upgrading to a Mantis UTF8

Cant receive MMS with wifi turned on

Including and using the MySql.Data.dll on your web host server

Spring Download (in Korean)

Android Data Storage Folders

Distributed Key Systems: Enhancing Security...

WP Spreadplugin Basket not shown

How do you get multiple resultset from a single CallableStatement?

Blowfish Cipher Algorithm in Java

Harmonics Systems for Time Mining

Reference Citations in 2012

bikin website dalam bahasa cina dengan php

72 sekunde kao 72 godine

nsIConverterOutputStream handling GB2312 characters

AbstractMethodError while calling PreparedStatement.setBinaryStream()

how to invoke web service without generating a client

Sample program to test SSL Connection with certicates

How to know KeyManager given a keystore

once again: classpath and ojdbc14.jar

12c... webtier up, Oracle managment server down

Problems with class not found exception

Spring Projects > Roo > Issue with Chinese characters

Monkey Programming/Unsigned Shift Right

Unable to get issuer certificate

How to convert keystore (from native android project) to .p12 to use with AIR project?

Installing JDBC drivers ojdbc14.jar

Quickly view the threads of your blocked Ruby application with JStack

android verify signature of file with .der public key

Unable to install updates KB2770917 and KB2779768

Reference Citations in 2011

Simplified Chinese Unicode table

How to Edit a Mobile Registry With Commander

OpenSSL in Ruby

Utilisation de la JVisualVM en remote via jstatd Newsletter - April 2011

AES Encryption / Decryption with Java 1.5 and ActionScript as3crypto

problem in insert into database

2X Gateway SSL

Creating Installer

Implement statement batch for Connector C++

Twitter OAuth Library/HUD

How to connect Oracle data base

regexParser.cpp downloader

SET IDENTITY_INSERT for table fails

Winsock TCP buffering behaviour

Passing Array in Function

Reference Citations in 2010

made a mistake and deleted USBSTOR service

How to use HtmlEncode w/Ext controls

LONG RAW + ORA-00984 - Column not allowed here?

How to change default character encoding for Cyrillic

2 ways ssl not working: bad certificate

[windows_internals]Services, Part I: service overview

SSL: Received fatal alert: certificate_unknown Problem

Queue can not be created at runtime

Getting Up and Running with OpenMoco Slim

Second Life: Twitter OAuth Library

Formating of SQL value for BLOB types (as hex vs ascii-bytes)

Bug #51165: Using XSD_ANYTYPE removes method response tags...

WLS : JDBC : oracle.sql.CLOB type

How to Get Rid of the NetZero Task Bar

How can I use a pfx keystore with stoneware?

Apache Camel: Crypto

Reference Citations in 2009

Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Overview

Upgrading to a Mantis UTF8

getting database connection in netbeans

Delphi 2010 "£" sign issues and Parameters

Scambio cedrtificati Server/Client

BSOD with win 7 64 bit when playing games

Win7: SYSTEM IGMP connection

SCDJWS 5 Study Notes

Public key in reply and keystore don't match

How do I get rid of SDHelper.dll errors?

Not Another Damn Password! Its the 21st Century After All

insert a photo document in to the oracle database through JDBC

Chinese Characters in I.E. 8

COMS 6998 Search Engine Technology

mysterious [object Object]

checking DTD when writing XML

JHOVE2 XML module

AVI Files to DVD

Hibernate Annotatins duvida

Transfer of VHS tapes to DVD

Scripting file types

Using RSA encryption with Java

Setting up SOAP in PHP, why am I getting these errors?

how to insert a value in a column with another value

Oracle query

Webservices mit PHP

Inserir ficheiro numa base de dados MySql com

Connection String - SQL Server 2005

QLAuthenticator password encryption/decryption

UTF Encoding in java

CGI Error - HTTP Errors

Wweb dynpro application Localization in chinese

C# code for MySql Stored Procedures IN, OUT, and INOUT parameters

SSL simple chat

What are Scoping Rules in Javascript?

connect two ubuntu computers together using a cable

can not establish a connection with SQL

Oracle Portal 10.1.4 help

Conectar Java Con SQL Server 2005 Express

Use of undefined constant SOAP_1_2

Help forming a SOAP client call with PHP

Automatisch einen Benutzer anlegen

Android Developers - SSL client authentication

Insert and reterive the image into BLOB type

Compile error... what's wrong?

Java IRC Logs

java ile sql server

MD5 source code

PHP 5.2.6 coming soon to Firmware 2.1

Can't create a cert

Reference Citations in 2008

QaTraq Pro API

Service Oriented Computing for Dynamic Virtual Learning Environments

Inverted ?

Migrating files to new computer

mswsock.dll!WSPStartup +0x102b

MSSQL binary data

Correct Character Encoding

Put icons on bookmarks sidebar folders

Blob Storage via REST from Java?

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread

Obróbka filmów VOB

ASP Search Function

SSLHandshakeException unable to find valid certification...

Using response.setContentType to switch HTML to Word

Automatic Creation of Different Types of Test Subjects

ISM 6121 Information Systems Implementation


Time out bei Aufruf von WebService (php-Script)

Store and retrieve Chinese characters using Coldfusion MX7 and MySQL5.0

converting VCD player to DVD player


αρχειο .pl

Using ASP.Net c# To add/edit/delete data (ms access)

regarding JDBC

A UML/SPT Model Analysis Methodology

Creation d'un nouvel utilisateur sous SQL Server 2000

No Suitable Driver connecting jdk1.5 with javaDB derby

Page in Chinese

Acessar MSAccess com Hibernate

SiLu – Riktlinjer för spelmotor

[WebService] come fare?

JDBC help needed; java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

CSV export of tickets has wrong encoding

MapGuide Manual - Active selections

Reference Citations in 2007

PHP 5 Soap Client - Format of Request

IllegalBlockSizeException thrown from .NET dll: msg#00024

Encoding problem with MySQL

How can I view the Chinese data in my database?

JSTL custom tags

Trying to run forEach

Hvor "sikker" er adgangskontrol med htaccess?

How to add DTD syntax line into XML using java code

Configure soap trên PHP

how to update garbled characters

Clr UDT Serialization

PHP Sessions Timing Out

"Out-of-left-field" question for any ASP/VBScript Gurus


Trying SOAP and PHP with no luck?

Reference Citations in 2006

help with SOAP

handling unicode characters in jsp

A Tutorial for New Axis2 Users

Dovecot SSL Warning (Not Error)

Conexiones permanentes


Character set problem

Rpc::xml, examples and docs "for Dummies"

UTF-8 Support

Conversion of Single and Double in Binary


Looking for JS Code for Chinese Calendar

Reference Citations in 2005, XML database dump


Japanese Chinese Tea Web Sites

AIProject Log

Converting GB2312 to UTF-8

"OK" auf chinesisch gesucht

Insertion Sort

tanya ttg open file


SSL Client Authentication

Softwaretechnik-Praktikum SS 2005

How to develop a scanner/disinfector

JSTL break ? possible

Attacks on Encryption Schemes

Encoding a C String/Buffer with ASCII Char

mysql 5alpha stored procedures vs mssql

Hangul, Chinese characters to Unicode Conversion

Appunti di Informatica Libera

Reference Citations in 2004

HelloWeb Quick Start Guide

Float vs Double

J2SE Unicode 转化为 GB2312

Cookies Don't Persist

tomcat problem

Jakarta Taglibs, JSTL Problem

Dovecot SSL Warning (Not Error)

Cipher, byte[]s and Strings; oh my!

BodyTagSupport and JSP body-content

Codifica Base64

Java: Catching Stack Overflow

Invoking Remote Webservices from a Perl Client

IP Protection and Encryption Donation

Validate XML Documents in Java

Java - Boolean

GB2312 and Unicode Mapping Table

CST 365/465 - Web Programming I

Reference Citations in 2003

ASP Programming

HashMap vs. HashTable vs. Baumstruktur


Form English Char, Single Byte, to Double Byte, Japanese Char

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