Reference Citations in 2010

This is a collection of reference citations to Herong's tutorials on the Internet in 2010.

made a mistake and deleted USBSTOR service

How to use HtmlEncode w/Ext controls

LONG RAW + ORA-00984 - Column not allowed here?

How to change default character encoding for Cyrillic

2 ways ssl not working: bad certificate

[windows_internals]Services, Part I: service overview

SSL: Received fatal alert: certificate_unknown Problem

Queue can not be created at runtime

Getting Up and Running with OpenMoco Slim

Second Life: Twitter OAuth Library

Formating of SQL value for BLOB types (as hex vs ascii-bytes)

Bug #51165: Using XSD_ANYTYPE removes method response tags...

WLS : JDBC : oracle.sql.CLOB type

How to Get Rid of the NetZero Task Bar

How can I use a pfx keystore with stoneware?

Apache Camel: Crypto

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