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'What Is PKCS5Padding' tutorial was cited in a article in 2020.

The What Is PKCS5Padding tutorial was cited in a article in 2020.

Subject: Prevention of session hijacking using token and session id reset approach
Date: May 30, 2020
Author: Talwinder Singh & Meenakshi

International Journal of Information Technology volume 12, pages781–788(2020)


Abstract Session hijacking is the term used to describe the theft of user’s
cookies and make clone of that cookies. The hacker uses packet sniffer to
capture traffic between user and the server to steal the cookies which contain
session information. The same then be used to impersonate the user and act as
actual user on web. In this paper, Token and Session id Reset Approach has been
proposed and implemented, to prevent the session hijacking by cookies cloning.
Proposed technique uses; session id, token, IP and bowser fingerprints to
authenticate the user on the web server. This technique stores token at the
client side in local storage and it will not be stored in cookies. It has been
observed that the Man In The Middle, Cross Site Scripting, Session fixation,
Cookie-stealing malware, Predictable token and session id, Physical data theft,
and Cookie Cloning attacks is hard to perform on the proposed approach. 


Yang H (2018) What Is PKCS5Padding?, 5.36. 

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ClassNotFoundException com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

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