an information literacy technology for chemistry documents

'What Is Gopher?' tutorial was cited in a Journal of Cheminformatics paper in 2015.

The What Is Gopher? tutorial was cited in a Journal of Cheminformatics paper in 2015.

Subject: WikiHyperGlossary (WHG): an information literacy technology
   for chemistry documents
Date: 22 May 2015
Author: Michael A Bauer1, Daniel Berleant2, Andrew P Cornell3
   and Robert E Belford3

Hypertext and 21 st century information literacy challenges

The United Nations considers literacy to be a fundamental human right
[2]. This issue is of critical concern in nations and cultural
contexts where segments of the population lack the fundamental
literacy skills required to effectively participate in modern
civilization. The World Wide Web has also created new literacy
challenges for wealthier and more literate nations. Where today, even
educated people have ready access to multitudes of documents they
cannot comprehend.

The web is built on hypertext as a foundation. Hypertext is a concept,
not a particular piece of software. However software implementations
are what brought hypertext into widespread internet use. The first
such implementation was called Gopher. Users would typically see a
screen showing text, followed by a list of link targets to choose from
by typing on the keyboard [3] (mice were not yet common). The World
Wide Web (WWW) became publically available in 1991 and quickly grew to
dominate the hypertext world. It was supported not only by a Gopher-
like text-only browser that still exists, Lynx [4], but by browsers
that could handle images and other multimedia information as well.
This is the type of browser in common use today. With multimedia
support the web made the leap from hypertext to hypermedia, and more
quantum leaps in hypermedia technology followed.


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an information literacy technology for chemistry documents

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