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Playing DAT Files with Windows Media Player
This section describes a tutorial on how to play DAT files directly with Windows Media Player.
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💬 2015-11-18 Herong: Sophart, I really appreciate your nice comment.

💬 2015-11-17 Sophart: This, is helping me and provides the best knowledge at all the time.

Where Is TOC Located on a CD
This section provides basic information on physical location of TOC (Table Of Contents) CDs.
2020-01-28, 12001🔥, 3💬

💬 2020-01-28 Herong: Robert, the last track should be near the outside.

💬 2020-01-19 Robert Honeyman: I'm ripping a CD and getting errors on the last track. Is the last track near the center of the CD or near the outside? Thanks i...


Audio CD (CD-DA) Tracks and Indexes
This section describes the logical format of tracks and indexes of an audio CD (Compact Disc Digital Audio or CD-DA).
2017-08-21, 2711🔥, 2💬

💬 2017-08-11 Herong: If (a,b)=(7,10), a will be 7 and b will be 10. There is no other possibilities.

💬 2017-08-08 CAPTCHA TEST: Let (a,b)=(7,10), what is a+b? This could be 17 if a = 7 and b = 10 thus 7+10=17 However if (a,b)=(7,10) means (a,b) is (7,10) t...

isoinfo - ISO 9660 Command Line Tools
This section describes a tutorial on how to get summary information of a CD-ROM with 'isoinfo' tool.
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💬 2017-01-14 Herong: Anonim and others, I don't have any computer that has a CD drive now. So I am not able to help with your questions. Sorry.

💬 2017-01-10 Anonymous: Anonim, yes the -l parameter do that, but will list all files, not only the ones that has multiple TOC index. I am also looking ...

💬 2017-01-10 Anonim: Is there a way to list the files position? I want to list what files are stored on the same position (ISOs created with link Dup...

💬 2017-01-10 Anonymous: Is there a way to list duplicated files inside the ISO? I mean for that ISOs that have multiple entries on the TOC that point to...

MP3 Encoding and File Format
This section describes MP3 encoding and file format for audio recording.
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💬 2016-12-06 suresh: Thanks..its informative!!!

💬 2016-01-14 Bhawesh: Thanks for the help, really insightful :)

💬 2015-09-15 Herong: Random, you are welcome!

💬 2015-09-14 Random: This really help me, thanks

Playing Movie VCD with Windows Media Player
This section describes a tutorial on how to play VCD with Windows Media Player.
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💬 2021-08-15 Nick: This is very nice! No other download needed. Thanks!

CD ToC query
Hi Dr. Herong Yang, I have just been looking at your CD notes on your website. Incredibly impressive. I have a query. I have a CD recorder (quite old) in my hifi system which I simply use to play CDs nowadays. Sometimes, when I play CDs, it is very slow to read the ToC but eventually gets there. I b...
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"readcd -fulltoc" - Data CD Sample
This section provides a sample of TOC (Table Of Content) from a data CD.
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💬 2015-11-15 Herong: Yes. They are hex numbers.

💬 2015-11-14 MatMabee: This is proper hex format, correct?

Adding MP3 Folder to Windows Media Player Library
This section describes how to add MP3 folder album to Windows Media Player's library.
2022-01-19, 1104🔥, 4💬

💬 2022-01-16 Herong: Paul, "Add to Library" is located on the left bottom corner of the window as shown in the picture.

💬 2022-01-15 Paul: There is no 'Add to Library' menu, unfortunately.

💬 2021-09-14 Herong: Alison, "ID3v2 Album tag" in MP3 file provides additional information about the song. It's an optional step. You can burn a song...

💬 2021-09-13 Alison M: What is the "ID3v2 Album tag"? I just want to tell WMP where I've put the mp3 files I want to burn to CD.

.MPG File Name Extension - MPEG Files
This section describes what is .mpg file name extension for MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) file.
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💬 2018-07-13 Ibrahim hanif: Thanks for the useful information.

💬 2017-04-02 Mohamed: ok

cdrtools - ISO 9660 Command Line Tools
This section provides information on installing and using 'cdrtools' - a set of command line tools to work with ISO 9660 file system.
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💬 2022-03-29 Kaaz: It is nice to return after years to linux... :)

Viewing Data CD Track Layout
This section provides a tutorial on how to view the track and file system layout of a Data CD with IsoBuster.
2019-01-21, 590🔥, 2💬

💬 2019-01-21 Herong: Tyler, Just curious, why you are still using CD?

💬 2019-01-13 Tyler: CD tutoria good.

Audio CD (Compact Disc Digital Audio or CD-DA) Players
This chapter provides notes and tutorials on playing audio CD (Compact Disc Digital Audio or CD-DA). Topics include audio CD player devices, audio CD player software, like Windows Media Player.
2019-10-16, 468🔥, 2💬

💬 2019-10-10 Herong: Patricia, you can just insert the CD into the computer. It will play automatically.

💬 2019-10-07 Patricia: How do I get the CD to play. I know nothing about a ripper. I need to listen to the Spanish lessons.

.MP3 File Name Extension - MP3 Files
This section describes what is .mp3 file name extension or MP3 files.
2023-07-26, 400🔥, 1💬

.INF File Name Extension - AUTORUN.INF Files
This section describes what is .inf file name extension and AUTORUN.INF file.
2022-04-05, 339🔥, 1💬

💬 2022-04-05 Robert: I want to testify about Ultimate blank atm cards which can withdraw money from any atm machines around the world. I was very poo...

.ISO File Name Extension - ISO Files
This section describes what is .iso file name extension or ISO files.
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💬 2023-04-08 Yuvaraj: Thanks

References Used in CD/DVD Tutorials
List of reference materials used in this book.
2021-12-08, 337🔥, 2💬

💬 2021-12-04 Herong: Predrag, Reference updated. Thanks!

💬 2021-11-30 Predrag Supurovic: Reference to MPEG Audio Compression Basics, Predrag Supurovic, should be updated. Proper reference is MPEG Audio Frame Header, P...

.DAT File Name Extension - VCD Media Files
This section describes what is .dat file name extension for VCD media files.
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Playing Sound with Sound Recorder
This section describes a tutorial on how to play back a sound track with the Sound Recorder.
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