Herong's Tutorial Notes on CD/DVD - Version 2.14, by Dr. Herong Yang

isoinfo - ISO 9660 Command Line Tools

This section describes a tutorial on how to get summary information of a CD-ROM with 'isoinfo' tool.

One of the tools included in the cdrtools package is called "isoinfo", which is a great tool to perform analysis an ISO 9660 file system on a CD-ROM. "isoinfo" supports the following options:

C:\>\local\cdrtools\isoinfo -help
  Usage: /cygdrive/c/local/cdrtools/isoinfo [options] -i filename
  -help,-h    Print this help
  -version    Print version info and exit
  -debug      Print additional debug info
  -d          Print information from the primary volume descriptor
  -f          Generate output similar to 'find .  -print'
  -J          Print information from Joliet extensions
  -j charset  Use charset to display Joliet file names
  -l          Generate output similar to 'ls -lR'
  -p          Print Path Table
  -R          Print information from Rock Ridge extensions
  -s          Print file size infos in multiples of sector size
  -N sector   Sector number where ISO image should start on CD
  -T sector   Sector number where actual session starts on CD
  -i filename Filename to read ISO-9660 image from
  dev=target  SCSI target to use as CD/DVD-Recorder
  -x pathname Extract specified file to stdout

I tried to use "isoinfo" to display information from the primary volume descriptor on a CD contains device drivers for a Dell monitor

C:\>\local\cdrtools\isoinfo dev=0,0,0 -d
CD-ROM is in ISO 9660 format
System id:
Volume id: ____
Volume set id:
Publisher id:
Data preparer id:
Application id: NERO - BURNING ROM
Copyright File id:
Abstract File id:
Bibliographic File id:
Volume set size is: 1
Volume set sequence number is: 1
Logical block size is: 2048
Volume size is: 33034
Joliet with UCS level 3 found
NO Rock Ridge present

The output is very nice. It tells me that:

  • The CD drive is located at "dev=0,0,0", the first device on the first SCSI bus.
  • This CD does have data stored in ISO 9660 format
  • This CD uses the CD-ROM Mode 1 standard, because the sector size is 2048 bytes.
  • The data size on the CD is about 33,034 * 2,048 bytes = 67,653,632 bytes. This matches exactly what Window Explorer reports on this CD.

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