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This section provides some detailed information about this book - CD-DVD Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Examples.

Title: CD-DVD Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Examples

Author: Dr. Herong Yang - Contact by email via herong_yang@yahoo.com.

Category: COMPUTERS / General

Version/Edition: v2.23, 2021

Number of pages in PDF format: 117

Description: This free book is a collection of tutorial notes taken the author while he was learning CD/DVD related technologies and software. Topics include CD/DVD types, physical parameters and logical formats; reading or playing, recording or burning CD, file formats used in CD/DVD. Updated in 2021 (Version v2.23) with minor changes.

Keywords: CD, CD-ROM, Compact Disc, Music, Data, Audio, Video, Play, Rip, Burn


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Table of Contents

About This Book

 Audio CD (Compact Disc Digital Audio or CD-DA) Format

 Audio CD (Compact Disc Digital Audio or CD-DA) Players

 Audio CD (Compact Disc Digital Audio or CD-DA) Rip Music

 WAV Audio File Format

 MP3, MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3, Encoding Format

 Burning MP3 Music to Audio CD

 Windows Sound Recorder

 ISO 9660 Standard for Data CD

 Recording Data on CD

 VCD (Video CD) Standard

 DVD (Digital Video Disc) Standard Format

 TOC (Table Of Contents) on CDs

 IsoBuster - A Nice CD GUI Tool

 MPlayer - The Movie Player

 vStrip - Rip and Manipulate DVD VOB Files

 mpgtx - Manipulating MPEG Files

 CD/DVD - File Name Extension and Format Types


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