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This web site provides a collection of about 40 free tutorial books on programming languages, Web applications, database, Chinese language and other topics. See the site map for a complete list of all tutorial books. Contact Information Name: Herong Yang Email: Web: http://w...
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💬 2020-11-06 Good day!  I happened to find your website very usable and interesting. And I would like to ask you whether you accept links for...

💬 2020-06-20 Herong: William and others, I am not interested in placing other ads on this site at this moment. Thanks.

💬 2020-06-16 William James: Hi, My name is William from Infolinks. I want to purchase a guaranteed advertising placement on your advertising inventory. Unde...

💬 2020-06-03 Herong: Den, calm down! Somehow you did figure out the stupid math to enter your comment. It’s not that difficult...

💬 2020-06-02 den: Holly f••k.. this captcha is a shity thing... how people should know the stupid math (a,b)=(1,3)?

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What is test testing area for? The testing area is provided to allow visitors to post testing comments.
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💬 2021-09-24 ubaTaeCJ: 1

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💬 2021-09-21 ubaTaeCJ: 1

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Thank You for Your Support
Hello Friend, A copy of the PDF or ePUB version of the requested book will be emailed to you as soon as I received the notification from PayPal. Note that this may take a day or two. If you have any question, please contact me at: Thanks for you support. Herong
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💬 2021-07-27 Raul: Hello, I expect you book very excited because I found it very useful for a begginer. Have a nice day.

💬 2021-06-10 Herong: Kenneth, Document sent on June 9. Thanks again

💬 2021-06-09 Kenneth R. Gardner: Hi I just purchased a PDF copy of XSD Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Examples. My email address that you can send the PDF to is: ...

💬 2021-06-01 Herong: Salvador, Document sent. Thanks again.

💬 2021-05-31 Salvador: Hola Herong: me confirmas cuando llegaria el archivo comprado, ya me llego el recibo de paypal. Saludos

Comments on Herong's Tutorial Books
Please share your general comments on my tutorial books here. Comments should not contain hyperlinks to any external Web sites.
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💬 2021-06-26 ankit: If you are not confident enough to play paid leagues, in that case, you can join our free leagues first to learn and boost your ...

💬 2021-04-08 Hahaha: Adam is a hacker

💬 2019-02-15 Julia: Nice website!

💬 2017-01-05 SOOZEE PALAMINOV: Dr. Herong ... I am super IMPRESSED with this website ... I found it by accident ... Greatly appreciated and Thank You very Much...

💬 2016-02-12 krishna: type conversion topic with example: [URL removed]

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Site Map
Tutorial Books on Software Programming Android Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Examples ASP Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Examples C# Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Examples Data Encodings - Herong's Tutorial Examples Flash Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Examples Free Web Services - Herong's Tutorial Ex...
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Looking for a specific tutorial? Enter a keyword in the search box below and press ENTER key:   @import url( api/branding.css);Custom Search   Most commonly searched queries: chinese calendar chinese new year java synchronized jstl tutorial php session mys...
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Tutorial Books on Programming Technologies
Tutorial Books on Programming Technologies Android Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Examples This book is a collection of notes and sample codes written by the author while he was learning Android system. Topics include AAPT, Android, ADB, API, Dalvik, emulator, Java, layout, logcat, shell, SDK, USB, v...
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Notes and Tools on Chinese Language and Culture
Notes and Tools on Chinese Language and Culture Are you interested in learning Chinese language and culture? These notes and tools may help you: Online Chinese Calendar - Mobile Version This is the first mobile version of Online Chinese Calendar in Chinese. It offers a monthly Chinese calendar well ...
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Other Tutorial Books and Tools
Other Tutorial Books and Tools Physics Notes - Herong's Tutorial Notes his book is a collection of notes on physics. Key sections are: What Is Space; How far is 1 meter; Frame of Reference; Coordinate Systems; What Is Time; How long is 1 second; What Is Speed; Newtons' Laws of Motion; Special Theory...
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Tutorial Books on Computer Technologies
Tutorial Books on Computer Technologies Bitcoin Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Examples This book is a collection of tutorial examples on Bitcoin and blockchain. Topics include Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Merkle Tree, Mining, SHA256, Wallet. Computer History - Herong's Notes This book is a c...
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Tutorial Book List
Tutorial Books: Android Tutorial Examples Bitcoin Tutorial Examples C# Tutorial Examples Cryptography Tutorials Data Encoding Tutorial EC Cryptography Tutorials Ethereum Tutorial Examples Flash Tutorial Examples Free Web Services GB2312 Character Set HTML Tutorial Examples Java Tutorial Examples Jav...
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Feedback on the Comment Module
The comment module on this Web site was extended from the original guestbook tool. If you have any feedback, please share it here.
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💬 2015-09-14 Herong: The original guestbook has been retired as of Sep. 12, 2015.


💬 2009-03-19 Bharat: Hi it really good guestbook i have seen. good job.

💬 2008-10-25 Biphendpoenda: Another test

💬 2008-07-02 Brin: Hello, nice site :)

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