java之如何从 JEditorPane 获取正确的 Unicode 字符串

'JEditorPane - The Editor Pane Class' tutorials were cited in a blog in 2023.

The JEditorPane - The Editor Pane Class tutorial was cited in a itguest.comm blog in 2023.

Subject: java之如何从 JEditorPane 获取正确的 Unicode 字符串(没有 &#enties;)
Date: 2023-09-09
Author: yyy_WW

我需要从 jtextpane 中获取文本,格式是在设置文本中作为输入给出的格式:
private void test() { 
  myFrame = new JFrame("JEditorPane Unicode Test"); 

  myPane = new JEditorPane(); 
    "Hello computer! - \u7535\u8111\u4F60\u597D\uFF01\n" 
    + "Welcome to Herong's Website!\n" 
    + "\u6B22\u8FCE\u4F60\u8BBF\u95EE\u548C\u8363\u7F51\u7AD9" 
    + "\uFF01\ <br>பாரதீய ஜனதா இளைஞர் ..."); 
  String test = myPane.getText(); 

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java之如何从 JEditorPane 获取正确的 Unicode 字符串

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