Enhancing security using ECC

'secp256r1 - For 256-Bit ECC Keys' tutorial was cited in the proceeding of ICRMIR conference in Mumbai, India in 2023.

The "secp256r1" - For 256-Bit ECC Keys tutorial was cited in the proceeding of "International Conference on Recent Trends in Multidisciplinary Research and Innovation" conference in Mumbai, India, in 2023.

Subject: Enhancing security using ECC
Date: 2023-03-17
Author: Smriti Gujjar, et al.
Source: https://ltce.in/assets/Final-proceeding-ICRMIR-2023.pdf

Abstract - The security, real-time performance, and other
shortcomings of the current encryption algorithms have led to
the development of several new encryption-decryption methods
by researchers. One of them is elliptic curve cryptography
(ECC), which is developing into a significant encryption
algorithm and has the potential to replace RSA
(Rivest-Shamir-Adleman). The main benefit of ECC over RSA
is that it provides equivalent security with a smaller key size,
which lowers processing cost. Recent research in the field of
cryptography has focused on elliptic curve cryptography. 

- ...
- ECC and RSA (Comparison),
- EC Cryptography (Algorithm),
- ECC Graph,
- ...

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Enhancing security using ECC

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