Reference Citations in 2019

This is a collection of reference citations to Herong's tutorials on the Internet in 2019.

From JDBC to Druid - Using DataSource in Druid

email – Exchange Server Configuration

Chinese Character Encodings (gb2312/Big5/GB2312)

Configurar DataSource JDBC

Java Job Interview - JVM 1

Calculating PI to N places

Signing boot images for Android Verified Boot

Apache Activemq as a broker to communicate with esp32 via MQTT

BOM olmadan UTF-8 ve UTF-8 arasındaki fark nedir?

Java – Not Able to jinfo on Mac OS

Converting String using Float.parseFloat

How to call Http.GetStringAsync with parameter

Adding SVG Images in Rmarkdown

ClassNotFoundException com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

Imaging Audio CDs using the command line


PKCS5 and PKCS7 Paddings

KSA Key Scheduling

Connect ODBC to MS Access

Help with plugins installation

java vm: how to log class unloading

Detecting Encoding from POST Request in PHP

Chinese Calendar for Linux Desktop

Connect to SPOP3 Server using Java (Sockets)

XML Schema - Multiple Root Elements

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