Reference Citations in 2012

This is a collection of reference citations to Herong's tutorials on the Internet in 2012.

bikin website dalam bahasa cina dengan php

72 sekunde kao 72 godine

nsIConverterOutputStream handling GB2312 characters

AbstractMethodError while calling PreparedStatement.setBinaryStream()

how to invoke web service without generating a client

Sample program to test SSL Connection with certicates

How to know KeyManager given a keystore

once again: classpath and ojdbc14.jar

12c... webtier up, Oracle managment server down

Problems with class not found exception

Spring Projects > Roo > Issue with Chinese characters

Monkey Programming/Unsigned Shift Right

Unable to get issuer certificate

How to convert keystore (from native android project) to .p12 to use with AIR project?

Installing JDBC drivers ojdbc14.jar

Quickly view the threads of your blocked Ruby application with JStack

android verify signature of file with .der public key

Unable to install updates KB2770917 and KB2779768

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