Reference Citations in 2008

This is a collection of reference citations to Herong's tutorials on the Internet in 2008.

QaTraq Pro API

Service Oriented Computing for Dynamic Virtual Learning Environments

Inverted ?

Migrating files to new computer

mswsock.dll!WSPStartup +0x102b

MSSQL binary data

Correct Character Encoding

Put icons on bookmarks sidebar folders

Blob Storage via REST from Java?

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread

Obróbka filmów VOB

ASP Search Function

SSLHandshakeException unable to find valid certification...

Using response.setContentType to switch HTML to Word

Automatic Creation of Different Types of Test Subjects

ISM 6121 Information Systems Implementation


Time out bei Aufruf von WebService (php-Script)

Store and retrieve Chinese characters using Coldfusion MX7 and MySQL5.0

converting VCD player to DVD player


αρχειο .pl

Using ASP.Net c# To add/edit/delete data (ms access)

regarding JDBC

A UML/SPT Model Analysis Methodology

Creation d'un nouvel utilisateur sous SQL Server 2000

No Suitable Driver connecting jdk1.5 with javaDB derby

Page in Chinese

Acessar MSAccess com Hibernate

SiLu – Riktlinjer för spelmotor

[WebService] come fare?

JDBC help needed; java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

CSV export of tickets has wrong encoding

MapGuide Manual - Active selections

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