Configure SOAP web services with Apache Camel

'Live Examples of Web Services' tutorial was cited in a developer article in 2023.

The Live Examples of Web Services tutorial was cited in a developer article in 2023.

Subject: How to configure SOAP web services with Apache Camel
Date: 2023-03-28
Author: Michael Thirion


The SOAP web service backend is represented by a mock implementation of
a publicly available definition, sourced from The web
service at play is Registration SOAP 1.1.

For both the CXF client and server development, the first step is to
generate the Java objects corresponding to the WSDL elements. This can
be done with the cxf-codegen-plugin Maven plugin, whose wsdl2java task
generates Java representations of the soap request and response
payloads, as well as the service interface and its implementation

$ tree target/generated-sources/cxf
|-- https
    |-- www_herongyang_com
        |-- service

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