Windows 8: Turning on Windows Defender

This section provides a tutorial example on how to turn on Windows Defender for real-time protection on Windows 8 systems.

To try Windows Defender on Windows 8 system, you should turn it on first.

1. Type in and run "Window Defender" in the "Search > Apps" input field. You will see a message box saying:

This app has been turned off and isn't monitoring your computer

If you're using another app to check for malicious or unwanted
software, use Action Center to check that app's status.

2. Go to "Control Panel\System and Security\Action Center". You will see a red alert in the security section:

Spyware and unwanted software protection (Important)
   Windows Defender is turned off

[Turn on now]

3. Click the "Turn on now" button. You will see "Windows Defender" screen with a green message:

Your PC is being monitored and protected.
   Real-time protection: on

4. Click the "Update" tab. You will see the virus and spyware definition update status:

Virus and spyware definition: Created 558 days ago

   Your virus and spyware definition haven't been updated lately. 
   You should update them now to help protect your PC.


5. Click the "Update" button. Windows defender will start to download the latest virus and spyware definition from Microsoft. When update is done, you the status will change to "up to date".

The picture below shows you Windows Defender turned on for a Windows 8 system:

Windows 8 - Windows Defender Turned On
Windows 8 - Windows Defender Turned On

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