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'Herong's Tutorial Notes on GB2312 Character Set' tutorial book was cited in a Food Drink Tea USENET news group article in 2005.

The Herong's Tutorial Notes on GB2312 Character Set tutorial book was cited in a Food Drink Tea USENET news group article in 2005.

Subject: Japanese Chinese tea web sites
Date: Oct 26, 2005
Source: USENET - rec.food.drink.tea
Author: Space Cowboy

Here is an interesting site for GB2312 to UNICODE conversion
https://www.herongyang.com/gb2312/ I found yesterday.  As I previously
suspected it is a mapping and not a mathematical routine even though
the table was generated by a Java program with a bunch of but-ifs.
I didn't see anything right off the bat that would prevent Javascript
from doing the same thing mathematically as Java.  The table says
B2E8 is the GB value for the Unicode value 8336 and not 1872 as
mentioned in Unihan.  I can tell I'm going to have some fun.  Also
if I had DOTNET loaded then there is a simple routine to indicate the
language pack such as GB2312 and give the corresponding Unicode
value.  The charCodeAt routine in Javascript is just a Unicode
character to Unicode hex representation.  The two byte hexview of a
Unicode character is not the same as the result of the charCodeAt
conversion.  Some things are flipped around in the way the Unicode
char is stored on disk.  In a file the Unicode tea character is stored
as 36383.  Notepad will store the Unicode tea character as four bytes
with the first two characters high order FFFE.


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