How to develop a scanner/disinfector

'Open Files in Binary Mode' tutorial was cited in an AntiOnline forum article in 2005.

The Open Files in Binary Mode tutorial was cited in an AntiOnline forum article in 2005. Note that my Geocities site has been moved to now.

Subject: How to develop a scanner/disinfector?
Date: Apr 18, 2005
Author: sec_ware

Yes, it is possible to treat binary files using Perl. The keyword is
binmode[1].exe and com-files (scr-files (also starts with MZ)) have
the assembly code in hexadezimal representation (or whatever you want
to call it). But bat-files are of completely different type - it is a
scripting language, which has to be interpreted. I suggest you to
stick with the "applications", rather than "scripts".



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How to develop a scanner/disinfector

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