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'DTD (Document Type Definition) - XML Validation' tutorial was cited in AIProject Log document in 2005.

The DTD (Document Type Definition) - XML Validation tutorial was cited in AIProject Log document in 2005. Note that my Geocities site has been moved to now.

Subject: AIProject Log
Date: Oct 10, 2005
Author: Wouter & Lee GWML

Finally a break-through! We decided to get rid of the jing/jarv/jdk5
integration crap and go for our own custom solution! the W3C? schema
was already working by default using the new javax.xml.validation
libraries, but the relax ng should've worked also, but apparently not.
We managed to get the jing library working separately and then wouter
did a nice job with integrating it with a wrapper facade on top of
W3C? and Relax NG. Lee looked for the DTD integration (source: We are
going to integrate the whole stuff tomorrow (smile) The GWML language is
also almost finished. We will soon issue the GWML language to the
other teams and start writing XSLT files to transform it to html. We
are getting finally back on the right track (big grin)

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