Install MetaMask Extension for Firefox

This section describes how to install MetaMask extension for Mozilla Firefox.

If you are Mozilla Firefox user, you can follow what I did to install and set up the MetaMask Extension for Firefox:

Install MetaMask extension

1. Run Firefox and go to the Extension Manager about:addons.

2. Search "MetaMask" to find the MetaMask extension developed by Danfinlay.

3. Click "Add to Firefox" button to install it.

4. Click the "Extension" icon at the top right corner of the browser, You should see MetaMask listed as an installed extension.

5. Open the "Settings" menu next to "MetaMask" and click "Pin to Toolbar" icon to display it in the browser menu bar.

Install MetaMask Extension for Firefox
Install MetaMask Extension for Firefox

Set up MetaMask extension

1. Click the MetaMask icon, or click "Extension > MetaMask", near the top right corner of the browser window. You should see "Let's get started" page with two options: "Create a new wallet" and "Import an existing wallet".

3. Click "Create a new wallet". You should see the "Create password" screen.

4. Enter a new password, "herong^yang", and click "Create a new wallet" button. You should see a secret recovery phrase generated by MetaMask.

5. Copy and save the secret recovery phrase in a safe place, and click "Next". You should see MetaMask prompting you to enter the secret recovery phrase.

6. Enter the secret recovery phrase and to finish creating the new wallet.

The new Ethereum wallet is ready on Firefox.

Setup MetaMask Extension for Firefox
Setup MetaMask Extension for Firefox

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Install MetaMask Extension for Firefox

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