Private Network ID Must Match "chainId"

This section describes the requirement on private network - the network ID must match the 'chainId' given in the genesis block configuration.

I saw on comment on the Internet that the latest version of MetaMask added the EIP155 security feature, which requires:

If the above settings are not correct, MetaMask will return "Error: invalid sender" when sending an outgoing transaction.

Here are my configuration settings and the network ID:

> admin.nodeInfo.protocols
  eth: {
    config: {
      chainId: 314,
      eip155Block: 0,
      eip158Block: 0,
      homesteadBlock: 0
    difficulty: 435790806,
    network: 1

So "eip155Block" is set to 0. But "chainId" is 314 and "network" ID is 1, which does not match to each other.

To fix the issue is easy, since the network ID can be specified at the "geth" command line. Let's restart the "geth" node with "--networkid 314":

> exit

C:\> \herong\bin\geth --networkid 314 --datadir \herong\Ethereum\personal 
   --rpc console 2>> geth-personal.log

> admin.nodeInfo.protocols.eth.config.chainId


The RPC listener is already turned on with "--rpc" command option. So I am ready to try to send from MetaMask again. See the next tutorial.

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