Get Free Ether from

This section describes how to get some free Ether from

With MetaMask extension for Chrome installed and my accound address ready, I can receive Ether funds now.

Here what I tried to receive some Ethers from on the Ropsten Test Network.

1. Go to

2. Enter account address 0xef6Ea9F8Bd78ac42Fb2617ba90846D5785BB320c. And click "Send me 1 test ethe!".

3. Few seconds later, the following message shows up:

Faucet queue

Ether sent to
Address: 0x35eD9D3b...
TxHash: 0x9bc01e4c...

Something went wrong here. The Ether was sent to a different address. My address starts with 0xef6E... not 0x35eD....

4. Go back to MetaMask. The balance on my Ropsten Test Net is still 0.00 Ether.

So is not working.

5. Try to call the REST API based on the instruction on the page:

 "amount":0,"message":"you are greylisted","snapshot":1520470157476,

The response says: My account address is greylisted! Why? I only tried several times, and never received any Ether funds! Not Working Not Working

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 About This Book

 Introduction of Ethereum

 Ethereum Blockchain

 Ethereum Mist Wallet

 geth - Go Ethereum

 Testnet - Ropsten network

 Private Ethereum Network

 64-Bit "geth" for Private Ethereum Network

 Private Network with Custom Genesis Block

 Transferring Funds between Ether Accounts

MetaMask - Browser Based Ethereum Wallet

 What Is MetaMask

 Install MetaMask Extension for Chrome

 Setup MetaMask Extension for Chrome

 One Account for All Ethereum Networks

Get Free Ether from

 Get Free Ether from

 Connect MetaMask to Local "geth" Node

 Transfer Ether Fund to MetaMask Account

 Send Ether from MetaMask to Private Network Failed

 Private Network ID Must Match "chainId"

 Send Ether from MetaMask to Private Network

 Process MetaMask Transsfer Transaction

 Download and Read MetaMask State Logs

 View Account QR Code in MetaMask

 Export Private Key and Retire MetaMask

 Import Private Key to "geth" Account

 Managing Ethereum Account - Mining Ether with Browser


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