Get Free Ether from

This section describes how to get some free Ether form

Another way to get free Ether on the Holesky or Sepolia test network is to use the Ether faucet at You can get 0.05 Sepolia ETH or 1 Holesky ETH for each request. But it requires you to login with a Google account.

1. Go to I see the "Ethereum Faucet" page.

2. Click the "Sign in" button to log in to your Google account.

3. Fill in the request form:

Select network: Holesky (1 ETH)
Wallet address: 0xf8e50468eFD092D3B457B199f8b910b421e607b6

3. Click the "Receive ETH" button. Wait a few seconds. I see a transaction ID of 0xea1855826753dc8edeaeb8eff9fc40a0d675292ba356cc254f49cf7c863cb2ca that confirms the transfer of 1 ETH to my account.

Get Free Ether from
Get Free Ether from

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 Get Free Ether from

Get Free Ether from

 Deprecated: Get Free Ether from

 Deprecated: Get Free Ether from

 Deprecated: Get Free Ether from

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