Ethereum Mist Wallet Data File Location

This section shows where Ethereum Mist Wallet data files are located.

While Ethereum Mist Wallet is downloading the blockchain, let's look at where it is storing the blockchain data files.

Go to "C:\users\herong\AppData\Roaming\Ethereum Wallet", and you see wallet data file locations:

|   |---Geth
|       |---unpacked
|           |---geth-windows-386-1.8.1-1e67410e
|---Local Storage

Go to "C:\users\herong\AppData\Roaming\Ethereum\Geth", and you see blockchain data file locations:


And we can see a large number of data files in the C:\users\herong\AppData\Roaming\Ethereum\geth\chaindata folder. I think those files represents Ethereum transaction blocks. You will see more files showing up as more blocks are downloaded:

   2,182,492 000142.ldb
   2,160,625 000143.ldb
   2,162,627 000144.ldb
   2,159,891 000145.ldb
   2,153,430 000146.ldb
   2,149,069 000147.ldb
   2,147,425 000148.ldb
   2,145,229 000149.ldb

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Ethereum Mist Wallet Data File Location

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